With digital media gaining prominence in the last two decade, email has become a leading marketing tool. It has definitely yielded desirable results for businesses for a long time. However, its application as a dedicated marketing tool has been exhausted.

When discussing the viability of various marketing tools, a comparison between the effectiveness of direct mail and email can’t be avoided. Proponents of digital promotion still advocate for email as the best unsolicited promotional tool. However, in this blog post, we are going to make a case for direct mail as a better alternative to emails.

Direct Mail Passes Through No Spam Filter

Marketers made the most of email marketing in the beginning. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that email as a marketing tool gets overused. As a result, email hosts introduced spam folders for seizing all the unsolicited, sales-oriented messages. This measure has dropped email response rates to drastically low levels.

In contrast, the dispatching method for direct mail is the same way as it used to be, say, 50 years ago. And this conventionality has worked in its favor. A direct mail goes to targeted recipients even if they haven’t subscribed for it. This is the reason why the response rate of direct mail (3.7%) is way better than that of email’s (0.2%).

Direct Mail Faces Lesser Competition

The unprecedented proliferation of digital marketing has also worked in favor of direct mail. When an average business is most likely to handle nearly 150 emails every day, it might not be a good idea to reach out to it with another promotional email.

Direct mail marketing, on the other hand, doesn’t experience this kind of fierce competition. Their B2B targeting mailing lists like specific professional mailing list can help businesses in targeting their prospective clients who are also running a venture.

Direct Mail Can Easily Bypass Gatekeepers

Email is not the way to reach out to C-suite executives anymore. To begin with, an unsolicited mail would get stuck in the spam filter. Moreover, gatekeepers (personal assistants etc.) manually filter the emails for their bosses. However, direct mail has the ability to reach the decision-makers. The unique packaging used for direct mail (dimensional boxes, kits etc.) can add an element of interest in your mail that can ensure that it lands on the table of your targeted recipient.

The price of uniquely-packaged direct mail is definitely high, but then it guarantees nearly 100% open rates and consequently better response.

Direct Mail Is Adaptable  

Direct mail and digital marketing are not mutually exclusive affairs. You can simultaneously carry out both or, better yet, you can integrate them into one. Through QR codes and shortened URLs, you can embed your digital presence in a direct mail. With smartphones becoming a staple gadget, this marketing maneuver will definitely work in your favor.

Targeted mailing lists have also improved the results of direct mail marketing campaigns when we compare them to emails. Contact any good mailing lists broker to conduct a direct mail marketing campaign crafted for your business’s needs. Read further to learn how you can make sure that the recipients are opening your direct mail.