The response from the targeted people is an early indicator of the success or failure of any marketing campaign.  When a marketing campaign gets a lukewarm reception, it rarely ends up generating good ROI. Similarly, an overwhelming response eventually translates into more sales.

In short, the rate and pace of response are crucial for every marketing endeavor regardless of its type. Unlike many contemporary promotional measures, direct mail marketing works over an extended period. Nonetheless, it is still important to strive for a quick response from the targeted consumer base.

For that matter, one should especially take care of this aspect while devising any direct mail marketing campaign.

Hitting the Right Note—Targeting the Right Group

No matter how impressive your promotional offer is, you can’t draw out a response from a consumer group who is not interested in the offered products/services at all. This is the reason why seasoned mailing list brokers always recommend people to not do a mass mailing.

The first rule of ensuring an expedited response from recipients is to use pertinent targeted mailing lists for your direct mail. With the use of different targeted mailing list selections, you can reach out to a more responsive group of recipients among the general mailing pool.

The marketing strategies of your competitors can come in handy in this regard and there is no harm in emulating them if they ensure an expedited response.

Include the Element of Urgency

It’s not enough to just reach out to the right target market. Even if people have a residual interest in your products and services, you still need to give them something to promptly respond to you. For instance, if you are sending out a coupon in the mail, make sure it has an expiry date.

There is no procrastinator like a prospective consumer. So, you need to add something in your direct mail that can break through this procrastination and result in an expedited response.

Facilitate their Response

Procrastination and laziness are strongly interconnected and prospective consumers often suffer from both. Many recipients just downright ignore direct mail because they don’t want to put even an ounce of effort in replying back.

So, if you want to expedite the response from your direct mail recipients, make it easy for them to get back to you. One way is to enclose stamped postal envelop in your direct mail. If you have an online presence, you can also integrate QR code in your mail to experience better and quick response. It’s given that the majority of your target market would own smartphones and also might prefer to get back to your digitally.

Apart from these important measures, make sure you are putting up an engaging copy in your direct mail. Also, add a small goody item in your mail if possible. It can cheer up recipients to subsequently increase the prospects of an expedite response.

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