Yoga has become all the rage in the last couple of years for achieving physical, mental, and spiritual well being. People across the US are now also showing great interest in this ancient Indian alternative treatment method. Amid all this popularity, very few people know about the existing brick-and-mortar yoga establishments in the country.

Right Promotion Is Needed

Yoga center proprietors have to devise a sound promotional strategy to get recognition in the neighborhoods from which they operate. For such localized promotional campaign, direct mail marketing makes for a great option.

This time-tested method of promotion along with the use of pertinent targeted mailing lists can significantly help yoga center owners to carry out an effective marketing campaign with local parameters. Let’s see how.

Targeting the Right Age Cohorts

Yoga is still an exotic practice to many. In other words, not everyone is perceptive about this alternative way of mediation and for acquiring physical fitness. In that sense, owners of yoga establishments should select the age groups they are going to target carefully.

It has been studied that young people (20-35 years old) are more interested in doing yoga. On the other hand, it has also been observed that older people are also increasingly taking interest in Yoga Asanas. In fact, one study suggests that people over 60 make up 20% of active Yoga participants in the US.

As per this information, it would be great to particularly target the senior citizens while carrying out a general campaign for the younger demographic. Direct mail can come in really handy in this regard.

If you want to reach out to young prospects, then you can use the information from the voters mailing list to sort out the recipients according to their age. In addition, insurance mailing lists can give you the list of recipients of a particular geographical location or zip code that are turning 65 or 70.

With different targeted mailing lists, you can cover all the age cohorts that might be interested in doing yoga for its wide-ranging benefits.

Targeting Those Who Need Yoga

Yoga is more famous for alleviating particular physical and mental ailments. For instance, people suffering from chronic backache can experience more than 50% improvement in their condition by having a weekly Yoga session for six months. You can find the list of recipients suffering from backache in a certain locality from ailment mailing lists.

In a similar manner, you can get reach out to a group experiencing particular mental and health condition through different selections of ailment mailing lists.

Yoga has also become a lifestyle statement. There is a perception that affluent populace is more interested in Yoga therapies. In line with this conjecture, you can target the rich neighborhood in your radius of operation through the particular selections of Prizm code mailing lists.

If you want to devise a kickass direct mails marketing for a yoga center, then get in touch with any seasoned mailing list broker who can provide you all the required targeted mailing lists with latest updates. Direct mail marketing can also be used to market home-based ventures, read this blog post to find out more.