Consumer Mailing Lists

Marketing Lists Direct provides the most accurate and affordable consumer mailing lists on the market today. Our consumer mailing lists can be selected by hundreds of household demographics such as home ownership, income, net worth, ages and many more. This residential list allows precision targeting into the exact households that need your products or services. With 175 million households and 260 million individuals available, you can identify quality prospective customers with over 100 demographic selections.

We guarantee the most accurate, targeted and updated consumer lists available with highest level of national coverage. A targeted consumer mailing list will allow you to focus on your main goals of your direct mail campaign to define exactly who and where you want to target. Geography, demographics, mortgage and housing information, and personal interests allow for a wide spectrum of options to filter and target your specific niche. We guarantee 97% deliver ability and are updated regularly against the USPS National Change of Address updates.

Consumer Mailing Lists Demographic Selections Available:

√ Age
√ Gender
√ Homeowner/ Renter
√ Net Worth
√ Income Producing Assets
√ Household Income
√ Presence of Children
√ Children Age Ranges
√ Ethnicity
√ Ethnic Religion
√ Ethnic Language
√ Home Value
√ Length of Residency
√ Auto Make and Model
√ Mortgage Information
√ Credit Card Information and Habits
√ Mail Order Purchasers
√ Online Purchasers
√ Lifestyle Interests
√ And Many More

For more additional information regarding our Consumer Mailing Lists or to receive a free list count and quote, call us at 1-877-241-2718 and talk with our Consumer Database Specialist today to help your next marketing campaign. You can also use our Online Chat below or visit our contact page.