With a slow economy and an extremely high unemployment rate, people are looking to supplement their income with all types of money making opportunities. These opportunities are commonly work from home jobs where people can make their own hours and enjoy the freedom of self employment. There are many new business opportunities available for these opportunity seekers. Direct marketing with Opportunity Seekers Mailing Lists are a great way to promote your work from home promotion. These people have stated they are actively seeking extra income.

An opportunity seeker mailing list is compiled from individuals filling out surveys and forms looking to receive information on ways to make additional money. The cost of new business start ups from these money making opportunities are generally low and great for people with little or no income to start their own business. Some of these opportunities are even available for people currently working and want to make a little extra money. This mailing list will ensure that you are targeting the people that want to hear from you. Telephone numbers are also available to increase the response rate of your marketing campaign.

A seekers list has several additional filters that can make the list even more targeted. These lists can be targeted based on geographical location, household income, current occupation, specific interested, education level and more. This allows the ability to be extremely targeted in your marketing efforts. Depending on the business opportunity, there are several targeted options available to promote any opportunity.

A direct marketing campaign for business opportunities is a great option when it comes to expanding your business idea. This form of marketing allows you to target your message to people that have actually stated they are interested in hearing about how to make additional money. This form of advertising allows you to easily focus your marketing efforts to the audience of your choice, whether you are using direct mail, telemarketing and/or email marketing.