Obesity has become a borderline epidemic in the US. As per the statistics shared by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, nearly one-third adult US population is obese. Luckily, people are now getting more aware of the detrimental health effects of obesity, resulting in the popularity of carefully crafted diets and weight-loss plans.

If you also have a customized specialist diet and exercise plan for people who are seeking help to lose weight and want to promote it in an unconventional yet effective manner, then go through this post. We are going to discuss how direct mail marketing can help with the promotion of weight loss plans.

Why Direct Mail Marketing?

There are two major reasons why direct mail can pay better promotional results than internet marketing.

  • The online world has now been cluttered with lots of unsubstantiated and false information. Many people don’t tend to put their trust on the internet when it comes to their health. For all those internet-apprehensive consumers, direct mails make a great alternative for coming across as an authentic person or entity.
  • The approachability that comes with the direct mail is unmatched. People are more likely to be interested in a weight loss plan put forward by someone whom they can access or even meet in person.

How Direct Mail Marketing Can Help?

The above section has made it clear that localized promotion is the edge that one can use with direct mail to promote weight loss plans. However, that’s not all that direct mail marketing offers. The pertinent utilization of targeted mailing lists can also bolster the promotional activity for a weight-loss plan. Let’s see how.

Use of Ailment Mailing list

There are many ailment mailing list selections that might contain a lot of prospective customers willing to buy your weight-loss plan. Besides reaching out to the self-reported obese people through an ailment mailing list in a particular zip code, you can also present your plan to all those patients suffering from obesity as a side effect. For instance, you can reach out to diabetic patients. Similarly, people suffering from high blood pressure and high cholesterol might also find a weight-loss plan useful for their condition.

Use of Insurance Mailing List

Soaring morbidity and dropped quality of life make the senior population more vulnerable to obesity. Statistics also suggest that a large number of seniors all across the US are overweight. If your weight loss plan is not crafted for any particular age group, then you can use an insurance mailing list selection (Date of Birth Turning 65, 70) as the recipients for your promotional direct mail.

Use of Behavioral Interest Mailing List

You can also find fitness loving recipients in selections of the behavioral interest mailing list. People falling within this group might also be interested in a weight-loss plan that is not being sold on the internet.

Get in touch with any seasoned mailing list broker and get all the relevant targeted mailing lists needed for the promotion of a weight-loss plan. Read further to find out how direct mail marketing can be used for the promotion of travel accessory store.