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Marketing Lists Direct understands that the most up-to-date information is essential to a successful marketing campaign. Direct mailing lists perform better when your audience is carefully selected and laser focused. We offer low cost data extremely fast. We have decades of experience providing the most accurate information at the lowest prices!

Marketing Lists Direct is one of the best mailing list companies around. Buying accurate and specifically targeted business, consumer, and residential mailing lists will ensure the best results. A highly thought-out direct mail campaign will provide the highest rate of return and response. Contact us now and target the right people!

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We are the best direct mail list provider in the US. We provide nationwide multi-sourced lists at the lowest costs, while continuing to be an A+ Better Business Bureau rated Data List Provider. We are a bulk marketing list broker that specializes in accurate direct mail marketing and list advertising services, with national coverage in all 50 states.

Our accurate demographic marketing list services allow you to define your direct marketing campaign by age, income, gender, length of residence and more. Each list is selectable by an array of demographic variables.

Buy a targeted response mail list from several of our proven databases. A knowledgeable list broker and data provider is essential to a successful campaign. We are a superior provider of precise information that your small or large business needs to drive your marketing efforts forward successfully.

1. Highest Quality Lists

Our mailing list service accuracy is guaranteed. Every list from our reliable sources are updated monthly and include all necessary postal paperwork. We use strict deliverability codes to ensure the accuracy and stand above our competition. Superior data brings superior results!

2. Direct Mail Marketing

Buy an accurate mail list for targeted direct mail advertising. Our experienced staff has over 40 years of direct marketing experience in targeted list creation, mail marketing, business to business marketing and lead generation for all industries.

3. Targeted Databases

We partner with our clients to become an integral part of their direct mail marketing process. We are not out to simply make a sale, like some of our competitors. With creative thinking and a developed synergy, we take the time to build a successful advertising campaign for the present and future.

Direct Mail List Enhancements

Database marketing and data enhancements are processes to a current in-house list that will bring added value to your direct mail marketing advertising efforts. Your current customer file would pass through our dedicated database software and we would append phone numbers, update addresses, remove duplicate records, removed deceased records or any value added informational enhancement needed.

This is a quick and easy process that will increase the return of your investment in all direct mail advertising efforts. Our targeted database list processing will bring more value to all of your in-house customer databases. If you are updating your customer’s addresses, phone numbers or email addresses, we can ensure up-to-date accuracy and correct formatting for fast delivery and analysis!

Online Database System

Our online count system is a database platform service that allows you to securely create a marketing list online directly from our website. This software will immediately create your personally customized list for downloading. You simply select exactly what you want and the system will do the rest. Creating your own targeted custom prospects through our online count system, puts you in the driver’s seat.

You can select and buy marketing lists from a Consumer, Residential, Business and Professionals Database without contacting a sales person. Best of all, most orders are available in minutes for download to your computer.

Direct Marketing Services Providers

We are the top service provider of informational data, marketing databases, and list enhancement services. We have a collection of individual or business names and postal addresses that are used by companies to advertising their material. It is compiled by various sources such as public record information, credit bureau sources, and survey information. It is possibleBu to create your own custom mailing list database on your own, but can be very time consuming and not accurate or up to date.

Our company provides accurate direct marketing services used to deliver your message to new customers. With our compilations, you can select between Businesses, Residential, Consumer, Professionals at Home or Professionals in their Office, and many other specialty categories.

Trust Marketing Lists Direct, as your preferred broker, for the most up to date data with the highest level of industry accuracy for your next campaign. Buy quality data services from us today to ensure the best results on your next direct mail campaign.

Telemarketing Campaign List Provider

Our phone number telemarketing lists provide only “do not call compliant” phone numbers, along with the individual's name and complete postal address. This allows for telemarketing calls and follow up calls on lead generation material that have been mailed.

Create a customized telemarketing list to create instant lead generation. Whether you are planning a calling campaign to reach Consumers, Residential, Businesses, or Specific Professionals, we are your number one source for up-to-date, "do not call compliant" phone numbers.