Direct mail marketing has been around for more than 100 years. In different eras, it has faced different challenges. However, it is still going strong for its features cost-effectiveness and highly targeted promotion. In last few years, apart from getting fierce competition from digital advertising, direct mail marketers are facing the challenge to ensure that the sent mail don’t just end up nowhere and the targeted recipients must open them.

In this blog, we will discuss how businesses can make sure that their direct marketing efforts are paying off and the recipients are opening their mail.

Ensure the Mail Delivery

This is the obvious first step to ensure recipients are opening the mail and it also looks quite simple. But the truth of that matter is that many campaigns simply fail to create any impact because businesses couldn’t take care of this basic part of the campaign.

It doesn’t matter if the mail’s copy is good, the offer presented in it is striking or the call-to-action at the end is incorporated smartly. You can’t benefit from all these efforts if you are using outdated and unclean mailing lists.

It has been estimated that up to one-third of a mail dispatch can end up undeliverable if poorly-curated mailing lists are used for the purpose. Apart from failing the objective of the campaign, you will incur postal losses as well. To avoid this double whammy, it is always advised to get your mailing lists from a seasoned mailing lists broker. A freshly updated mailing list can ensure delivery rate above 90%.

Relevant Mail Formats for Different Market Niches

A direct mail campaign centered on a targeted mailing list is a recipe for good marketing ROI. However, it is important to devise the mail in the format that matches with the market niches prescribed in a certain list.

For instance, if you are promoting back pain solutions through ailment mailing lists, then it will be better if you use magalog format. Magalog is a mail format, which is designed like a magazine. People will most certainly open a mail that looks like a guide to remove back pain in comparison to a regular monotonous mail.

In a similar manner, postcards are considered good to promote your products and services in certain marketing niches.  To know which mail format is popular in your prospective consumer base, see how your successful competitors are conducting their direct mail campaigns.

Stuff your Mail

We are naturally more drawn towards stuffed envelopes. You can use this simple element of the human psyche to ensure that more recipients are opening your mail. You can stuff your mail with key rings, pens and other inexpensive merchandise to entice the recipients. By marginally increasing your marketing budget, you can experience a great turnaround in the results of the campaign.

Targeted mailing lists can help in the promotion of every commercial sector. Read this blog to find out how ailment lists can be effectively used for the promotion of a psychiatric establishment.