Some businesses operate without any active marketing. Case in point: a travel accessory store. Generally, such businesses don’t get into an aggressive marketing mode. However, times have changed. Every business, regardless of its type and scope, now has to promote itself actively.

With the online world providing businesses with an opportunity to be omnipresent, it is now imperative for travel accessory proprietors to get going with their promotions. So, in this blog post, we are going to discuss how the time-tested tool of direct mail can be used for the promotion of travel accessory stores.

Targeting Young People

Having energy and active social lives, young people today crave for opportunities that let them break loose from their hectic and fast-paced routine. Hence, young people tend to travel more in comparison to other age groups, making this customer group the most suitable prospect for targeting by travel accessory stores.

There are some targeted mailing list selections that can provide you with the age details of the recipients. With this information, you can customize your recipient list for targeting young travelers.

Targeting Off-Road Vehicles Owners

It is important to be innovative when devising a direct mail marketing campaign for travel accessory store. One innovation that we have come up with is reaching out to off-road car owners. People with such endurance vehicles definitely love to go on off-road expeditions and it is only natural that they would be in need of travel accessories more than any other vehicle owner.

You can employ this simple inference by using automotive mailing lists for your direct mail. Automotive mailing lists from any seasoned mailing list broker contain the information regarding the vehicle make and model owned by the recipients. You can use this info to separate out the owners of endurance cars.

Targeting People with Outdoor Interests

A relatively simple way to promote your travel accessory store is to reach out to people with certain outdoor and outgoing interests. Behavioral interest mailing lists can provide you with customer details including their interests.

You can reach out to hunters, boaters, and campers through behavioral interest mailing list selections. We have suggested these three cohorts because they are likely to travel more than people with an interest in golf or pets.

Targeting People Who Can Afford to Travel

Besides having a penchant for it, it is also important to have a sound financial system that allows for travel. Tales about nomadic travelers going from town to town and being kept afloat by the kindness of strangers are just that; tales. Traveling is still an expensive affair. So, you must also factor in the financial status of your prospective customers. Credit score and Prizm mailing lists can be of immense help in this regard.

As you can see, different targeted mailing lists make it possible to effectively use direct mail for travel accessory store promotion. So, get in touch with any good mailing list broker to acquire clean, updated mailing lists catalog. Entering a saturated market is always a challenge. Read this blog post to find out how direct mail can be of great help in stepping into a saturated market.