It is not easy to operate in a market that is already crammed with competitors, let alone making a foray into it. However, one can’t keep away from a potential market just because of the fact that it is already saturated.

Marketing is one device that can come in handy in testing the waters of a saturated market. When we particularly talk about direct mail promotion in connection with penetrating a saturated market, some of its practices can help you in achieving this task.

Value Addition in Your Direct Mail

If you really want to leave an impression on consumers that are already engaged with your competitors, then you really have to add some value to your direct mail. This value addition is important for standing out among your competitions.

Aside from writing an effective copy for your mail, try to append something tangible with it. People love to receive stuffed mails. So, you can enclose a small gift in your direct mail parcel. Make sure the goodies you are sending out to your prospective consumers are not decked with your business promotions. A simple tagline or logo would be enough for a subtle marketing message.

Become More Accessible to Your Prospective Consumers

A single piece of direct mail might not help you with the results you want when entering a saturated market. Therefore, make sure that you are reaching out to your consumers more than once in a single marketing campaign. You can also digitize your direct mail by integrating QR codes in the pieces that can lead consumers to your websites or social media pages.  It is important to make yourself more accessible to consumers if you truly want to make inroads in a saturated marketplace.

Do Targeted Promotions

If you want to take a good share of a market that is already distributed among many competitors, then you have to adopt a targeted marketing approach. For starters, have a comprehensive market analysis to exactly identify the consumers you want to target. Then, devise a direct mail marketing campaign centered on a particular targeted mailing list.

For instance, if you want to promote a treatment course for an Alzheimer’s patient then it would be better to shortlist the recipients that you want to target in a certain geographical location. You can use ailment mailing lists and insurance mailing lists and cross-reference them to compile a list of senior recipients suffering from Alzheimer’s.

By narrowing down your target market, you can actually devise a lucrative, customized offer for your prospective customers, which would really help if you are trying to make a mark in a saturated market.

Moreover, presenting a clear CTA in your direct mail, mentioning the price of your services and products would also help in doing better among your competitors.

Get in touch with a good mailing list broker to get pertinent mailing lists to launch your promotion in a saturated market.  To find out how marketing through professional mailing list is different, read this blog.