We are living in a digital age and everything around us has been molded and shaped according to its needs. There are entities which resisted earlier in the face of digital invasion but very shortly, they also conceded to the pressure building around them.

Direct mail is probably one of the few things which is still used as a direct marketing technique and can still stand tall on its feet in the face of the digital marketing world. Here’s why:


We all have more than one email ID and we are worried that we are spammed with unnecessary and redundant emails and newsletters. This happens due to the plethora of e-marketing mails and e-flyers which end up in your inbox. But no matter how many email inboxes one has, people still have only one mailbox and every mail which ends up there commands an importance no email can ever get. Thus, with direct mail marketing, you can still reach your targeted customer who is tech savvy and yet impatient and intolerant of online spamming.


The digital age has made almost everything elusive and non physical. In abundance of those intangible things, the tangibility or physical state of direct mail marketing has developed its own charm among customers. Swamped with emails, texts, Facebook posts and tweets, one can easily feel the difference when provided with a direct mail.


There is an unintended advantage and edge which direct mail marketing has gotten from modern times. Many markets have been completely or partially shifted to the digital sphere and that makes the competition less severe for those who are interested in direct mail marketing. Due to hard sell digital marketing techniques, most of it has become noise for the people who are targeted with it but you can still get the consumer’s attention with direct mail marketing.


We know that the internet has established some ways and techniques to target specific audiences. But still, it’s difficult for digital marketing to replicate the way direct mail marketing can penetrate through to the consumer base with the help of customized direct marketing lists.


When we are going through a digital ad, the ad is crammed with messages, social media updates and other ads flashing around it. It’s very difficult for anyone to concentrate completely on the message of the ad and ponder on it. That becomes even more difficult because you have already moved to some other online activity.

In contrast, when you are provided with direct mail, it only has the message that marketers want to convey and you will have time to think about the product or service they are providing because a direct mail will not vanish from sight with a touch.

These are the reasons which make direct mail marketing a viable option in the digital age. With well organized marketing lists, you can design successful direct mail marketing campaigns. To know more about the intricacies of direct mail marketing, you can contact us.