The way some marketing people approach direct mail and digital medium, it looks like both of them can’t exist together. However, the reality is quite contrary to that. For instance, the information retrieved through online platforms can help in streamlining and improving the quality of targeted mailing lists.

On the other hand, direct mail marketing can be put to use for the promotion of online businesses. Yes, it not an outrageous proposition to promote a venture with digital footprints through direct mail. With effective direct-digital integration, it is an entirely feasible prospect.

In this blog, we will discuss different measures for effectively using direct mail marketing to promote an online business.

Embed QR Code and PURLs in your Mail

One way to approach the direct mail promotion for your online business is to develop a copy that doesn’t just contain the straight text of what you are offering to the consumers.  If you are an online venture, then make sure the copy you are working out also contain QR codes or personalized URLs so that prospects can teleport from the paper to your digital platform. According to the latest statistics, nearly 70 percent of US population is smartphone user. So, there are strong chances that many prospects will reach out to you through your direct mail piece embedded with QR code or PURLs.

Effective Use of QR Code

Make sure that the QR code doesn’t take recipients to text-heavy web pages. It will actually kill the primary use of QR code. Try to come up with interactive content on the other side of the QR code for better customer engagement.  For instance, you can use animation and motion graphics to convey your marketing message in a more interesting manner.

Target Young Consumer Base

Contrary to popular belief, young people still love to check mailboxes. They are also more receptive to direct mail than the older cohorts.  And then it is redundant to go over that the majority of online business operations are centered on young consumer base.

All these things indicate that targeting young population through direct mail for promoting an online venture can yield a good return on investments. In order to filter out the younger population of a given region, you can get help from various targeted mailing lists. Voters mailing lists, behavioral interest mailing lists and response mailing lists are some selections that can come in handy for setting up a pool of young recipients.

Use Dimensional Mail

Envelope and postcards are standard direct mail mediums. When devising a direct mail for online businesses, you should preferably go with some unique options. For instance, rod-shaped parcels and boxes succeed in getting more consumer attention. With this simple trick, you can improve the response rate of your entire promotional campaign.

Get the relevant targeted mailing lists selections from mailing list brokers and embark on direct mail promotion of your online venture.  Read this blog to find out how direct mail marketing strategies are worked out for B2B and B2C promotions.