It’s a common observation that younger groups in every generational time period is defined by different stereotypes, particularly the bad ones. In our times, Millennials are that cohort of the population, which has developed a bad reputation for some existent and non-existent traits.

For instance, there is a misconstruction that millennials have been completely digitized and it is now difficult for anyone to communicate with them through other modes of communications. This concern is always highlighted when someone talks about targeting younger consumer base with direct mail marketing.

In this blog, we will clear these misconceptions regarding millennials and their association with direct mail. Furthermore, we will discuss what additions and changes can be made to direct mail marketing campaigns to cater millennials.

Millennials Open Their Mailboxes

There is an unsubstantiated misconception that millennials don’t open their mailboxes. It is just an outright misapprehension and nothing else because different surveys suggest that most of them regularly go through their direct mails. Moreover, many of them prefer direct mails over emails to get authentic information.

Millennials Haven’t Quite Reading

There is a misconception that younger lot is always lost in their handheld gadgets. However, this is not the case. News and magazine subscriptions show that they have a considerable chunk of young readers. It is also been surveyed that majority of them ignore digital ads instead of print ads. In addition, the majority of them consider direct mail marketing a reliable source to get to know about the promotional offers.

Millennial Don’t Only Shop Online

It is another interesting fact regarding the relationship between millennials with direct mail marketing. It has been estimated that a noticeable size of targeted millennials has actually made purchases by following a direct mail.

Engaging Millennials Through Direct Mail Marketing

Certain things should be brought into consideration to make direct mail marketing more responsive for millennials.

Digital Integration

Yes, direct mail can be digitized and you can make your promotional campaign more accessible to millennials with it. Integrating QR codes, web, and social media links can help you to digitize your direct mail. The combination of direct and digital is indeed a winning mix to reach out to younger lot of consumers.

Take Care of Their Preferences

By looking into pertinent lifestyle interests of millennials through behavioral interest mailing lists, you can devise a customized direct mail marketing accordingly.

Include Pop Culture References

It sounds clichéd but to match the frequency of your communication with millennials, using internet and pop culture references can be very effective. It can make it easier for them to identify with your marketing message. However, make sure you are not stuffing them into your direct mail to make it look inorganic.

As you can see, getting the attention of young millennials through direct mail marketing is not an impossible task. With the help of right targeted marketing lists, you can successfully target younger recipients to convert them into consumers. Furthermore, read on to find out how you can increase customer engagement through direct mail marketing.