Customer engagement is one of the simplest tools that tell you about the prevalence and popularity of your brand and business. Good rate of customer engagements doesn’t just help in retaining them, but it also helps in attracting new individuals to your business through word of mouth. A recent marketing survey indicates that a fully-engaged customer can help in generating 23 percent more revenue than average. Therefore, several methods are out there to enhance customer engagement.

Direct mail marketing, a tried and tested advertising medium, can also help in increasing customer engagement. Let’s have a look on different customer engagement measures that can be employed through direct mail marketing.


A personalized interaction and communication with customers is the best way to have their interest and activities invested in your business. Bombarding them with newsletter and bragging about your achievements and milestones can put them off. Instead of wasting your direct mail marketing campaigns on such ineffective things, converse with them on personal level. Talk about their needs and wishes before your products and services.

A personalized communication can inspire them to engage with you. Make sure that the copy of your direct mail doesn’t have a formal tone. Going too much casual with the language is also not a good idea either. Try to maintain a mix and match of both.


To get them proactively engage with you, you can use different kind of offers and incentives where they are required to reply to your mail. For instance, an easy quiz should be added to the direct mail which promises a goody bag in return. A two-way communication will help you in conveying more information about your operations to the customers while it will simultaneously help you in understanding your consumer base in a better manner.


Don’t remain self-centered all the time in your direct mail communications. Educating your consumer base with useful content and talking about the things that interest them without plugging in your business can also increase customer engagement. Behavioral interest mailing lists can come handy when you want to carry out a direct mail marketing campaign to just convey useful content for better customer engagement.


A good customer engagement can also established with the help of response mailing lists. Individual involved in more transactions with a business are also more willing to engage with them in communications. You can use this targeted mailing list for your own benefit to start a process of customer engagement.

Customer engagement is important because it inadvertently inculcate allegiance in customers. It’s only natural that a customer, who is more engaged with your business, will remain loyal to your products and services.

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