The days of sending simple letter-like marketing messages through direct mail are gone. With the introduction of targeted mailing lists, businesses need to customize their direct mail marketing content to ensure that they get the desired response from the recipients.

In order to be successful with direct mail marketing campaigns, one needs to craft the content in a way that it resonates with the consumer group you are targeting. In order to do this, you can take a cue from the targeted mailing lists you are using in your campaigns. Let’s look at how targeted mailing lists dictate the content of direct mail and how you can put your marketing campaigns together.

Get Your First Impression Right

Let’s start with the envelope of the mail you are sending out. It will be your first impression on the recipients, so make sure to get it right. Targeted mailing lists you are using can give you the right indication on which type of envelope should be used.

Let’s try to understand it with an example or two. If you are targeting a prospective consumer base through ailment mailing lists, then it is very likely that you might be selling medical solutions or health insurance plans. For such products and services, you should use the simple plain envelopes. Besides mentioning your business address, you can put a relevant tagline or graphic on the envelope that can get the attention of recipients.

On the other hand, if you’re targeting consumers through behavioral interest mailing lists, then you can modify the envelope as much as you want. From colorful boxes to stuffed envelopes, everything that can spark interest among prospective customers should be put to use.

In short, the design of the envelope must be in line with the type of consumer base you are going to target.

The Relevance of the Language

The marketing message that you will distribute via direct mail must also be reflective of the targeted mailing list(s) you are using. If you are selling insurance, mortgage or any other finance-related service, then make sure you don’t overuse the technical jargon. Customers want to understand financial proposals in the simplest possible manner, no matter how complex they are.

If your direct mail marketing is revolving around mortgage or insurance mailing lists, then make sure you have the mail read from a layperson before dispatching it. By carrying out this check, you can know the readability of your mail. By putting across your offer in the simplest possible manner, you can ensure a better response rate.

Matching the wavelength of your prospective consumers is the first and foremost thing you should establish with the content of your direct mail. So, there is no harm in using internet language when you are reaching out to young people.

By keeping the content of your direct mail marketing campaign in accordance with the characteristics of the targeted audience, you can achieve success in your promotional efforts. Customer retention is followed by customer retention. Read this post to find how you can earn customer loyalty through direct mail marketing campaign.