In direct mail marketing, importance of an effective copywriting is undisputable. No matter how robustly and intelligently you have reached to your prospective customers, the success of your marketing boils down to the quality of the copy of your direct mail. Since, direct mails are used to market to a wide range of ventures and therefore not all copies are same in their structure and style.

Similarly, there are multiple templates (letters, post card etc) used in direct mails. Copies for these various templates are also different from each other. For any business marketing their product through direct mails, they must know the intricacies of different types of copywriting.

You can only capitalize on targeted mailing lists if you know how to write an effective copy of your marketing mails.


Letters are the standard form of communication used in direct mail marketing. Writing a copy of direct mail letter can be tricky because you have to cover all the important aspects of communication through word and word only.

There are several features you must take care of when writing a letter for your direct mail.

Always make a one-on-one conversation: Even though you dispense direct mail letters to a list of contacts, but make sure you are conversing with each and every costumer. Instead of calling them collectively (customers or clients), use ‘you’ throughout your letter.

The letter should be scannable: It is an established fact that customers decide to read the letter after first quickly scanning through it. Therefore, make your direct mail letter easily scannable. Use sub-headings and bold letters for pertinent information to provide customers with a quick indication of what the letter is all about.

Call-to-action should be definitive: To convert your letter into a successful lead, it should close with a definitive call-to-action. No matter how interested customer have become in your product or service after reading your direct mail letter, there are very bleak chances of them getting back to you without a definitive call-to-action.


Postcards combine word and imagery for the communication. Therefore, it is comparatively easy to write a copy for direct mail postcards. However, few things should also be considered in the copywriting of a postcard.

Focus on the most important bits of information: You don’t have the freedom of letters with postcards. Here you have to use few words to intrigue recipients. Therefore, wordplay is important in writing a copy of a postcard but don’t ebb away from your marketing message while doing it.

Postcards shouldn’t look like a print ad: It is important that your post mail card should not look like an ad cutting from a newspaper. For that matter, try to maintain the same one-on-one approach of communication.

With effective copywriting and right mailing lists from an experienced mailing list broker, you can execute a kickass direct mail marketing campaign. Read on here the methods to increase the response rate of your next direct mail marketing campaign.