Long before the invention of digital means of communication, people solely relied on postal mails to reach out to each other. In a similar manner, businesses would also use postal mails to promote their products and services.

After all these decades in which human civilization has gone through some momentous changes, postal services are still being used for marketing and promotions in the form of direct mail. Various factors can be attributed to the never-ending relevance of direct mail throughout this long period of time.

For instance, the advent of targeted mailing lists has truly revolutionized direct mail operations in the last few years.  Some people have been predicting the death of direct mail marketing for a long time. But it is still here thriving and providing a reasonable, effective and time-tested promotional solutions to businesses.

Let’s discuss how the introduction of targeted mailing lists in direct mail marketing has rejuvenated and transformed it.

Enabling Market Segmentation

Gone are the days when businesses could run promotional campaigns through mass mailing without identifying their prospective customers. Such marketing practices are now considered obsolete and only promise poor results. With the inception of targeted mailing lists, direct mail marketing now also effectively takes care of market segmentation.

Targeted mailing lists have enabled the direct mail marketers to identify their prospective consumer bases. For instance, Prizm code mailings list offer marketers to select demographics from more than 50 economical backgrounds.

Specific professionals’ mailing list offers you to pick the right business quarters to promote your venture. In a similar manner, many different targeted mailing lists have streamlined the market segmentation to an extent where direct mail is able to compete with any other contemporary promotional tool.

Niche Marketing has Become Possible

Before the introduction of targeted mailing lists, who would have thought that direct mail can also be used to carry out niche marketing campaigns. But now it has become a thing of regulation for direct mail marketers to execute promotions among niche consumer base.

Targeted mailing list selections such as behavioral interest mailing lists and ethnic mailing lists have provided an array of consumers associated with many different niche sectors.  Apart from direct mail, there are only a few marketing methods that enable seamless niche marketing, all thanks to the targeted mailing lists.

The Diversity

Targeted mailing lists have also transformed direct mail into a pretty diverse promotional tool. On one hand, it can be used to sell automotive accessories and on the other hand, child insurance plans can also be promoted through direct mail. One can’t imagine such diverse use of direct mail before the arrival of different targeted mailing list selections.

Mailing list brokers play a central role in ensuring the availability of updated targeted mailing lists. If you want to make the best of direct mail promotions, get in touch with any experienced mailing list broker. Customer loyalty is really critical for the sustenance of any business. Read this blog to find out how direct mail can help in earning customer loyalty.