Direct mail is still an effective marketing tool because it uses different ways of reaching potential customers. If some people find targeted direct mail marketing good for their business, then there are others getting better ROIs with saturated direct marketing campaign.

Saturated direct mail marketing is good for small or new businesses that want to do extensive marketing by spending less. Saturation mailing can also help you to enter new markets.


In direct mail marketing, saturation means saturating or inundating your direct mail within a specific area. Those areas can be:

  • A radius around your business or particular neighborhood
  • Certain Zip codes

The saturation of mail is actually done by reaching almost all of the addresses in postal carrier route, regardless of demographics and any other specifications using saturation mailing lists.


For new businesses, allocating and spending efficiently is the most crucial thing to survive the initial hardships of the industry. Therefore make sure that you are getting maximum discounts possible for your direct mail marketing. You can make yourself eligible for optimal postage rates discount for saturation mailing if your direct mail marketing is meeting two requirements:

  • You must be mailing to a minimum of 90% of residential addresses, or at least 75% of the total number of all the addresses (residential, business) in a given postal carrier route.
  • Your direct mail must be arranged in the walk sequence order. Walk sequence is the order that postal carrier follows throughout the route.

Mailing in walking sequence makes it easy and quick for post offices to process, and this favor is returned by providing discounts. With saturation direct mailing, you can save up to 50% of the cost of a standard mail. Small local businesses that don’t have much to spend on marketing campaigns can benefit immensely from this feature of saturation mailing.


Meeting the requirements of saturation mailing and using updated saturation mailing lists can be a very effective marketing tool for local businesses such as auto garages, restaurants and retailers. The reason is many of the potential customers of these businesses generally live within a few miles radius.

With the help of effective saturation mailing lists, you can get name recognition in the neighborhood of your business establishment, especially if you are new to the area. Locals already familiar with your business name and operation by direct mail marketing are more likely to do business with you.

Since saturation mail marketing works on a larger setting, that doesn’t mean it is not targeting specifically. Using certain zip codes and choosing a neighborhood out of all others actually means it is targeting a specific area.

Saturation mails are not only used to introduce your business. You can also saturate the neighborhood with any recent discount or promotional offers.

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