Most people who are new to marketing miss out on the importance of a mailing list. However, an experienced direct mail marketer will know how much information you can find only from a targeted individual’s address. Marketers use several techniques intensively in order to create segmented mailing lists.

There are four different areas that are focused on by direct mail marketing agents to grasp a thoroughly investigated understanding about the prospective client. In this post, we will explore these areas in detail with special emphasis on the role of PRIZM code mailing list in effective direct mail marketing.


There are four types of segmentations:


For conventional purposes, direct marketers prefer to segment the mailing list into urban or rural locations of the targeted client. This method of segmentation is called geographical segmentation.


Next is demographic segmentation that takes factors such as gender, age, ethnicity, and an individual’s earnings into consideration.


Marketers can use psychographic characteristics for further targeting an audience based on their likes, dislikes, and their lifestyle.


As per the fourth segmentation, the focus of the marketers is on purchases made by the targeted audience.

Previously, clustering techniques had also been created such as geo-demographical direct mailing lists. However, behavioral segmentation was not incorporated into this segmentation technique. In order to cater to that problem, marketers developed the PRIZM code.


The classification system based on the PRIZM code comprises of people’s attributes living in a particular geographical area on a household level. The mailing lists based on the PRIZM codes proved to be revolutionary for the direct mail marketing promotions.


The common clustering techniques for segmentation work by only taking into account the proximity of the houses and the demographic factors. However, this may not be useful if you are looking to run successful direct marketing campaigns. Other factors such as behavioral and psychographic must be taken into account as well and this is where PRIZM comes in the picture as it can cluster multiple variables of different categories and dimensions together. This is because the PRIZM code makes use of the Multivariate Divisive Partitioning (MPD) Algorithms.


A PRIZM code mailing list offers the following perks to the marketers:

  • The system allows the marketer to acquire more accurate information regarding the targeted customers and tailor the marketing messages accordingly.
  • Segmented mailing listscan be created by considering the geographic positioning of the targeted people who are scattered everywhere in the country. This allows direct marketers to target more people.
  • Create clusters of people who have similar characteristics. This allows for creation of messages with which the prospect can easily relate.

Are you a direct mail marketer looking to create a successful segmented list? You must utilize the PRIZM code mailing lists to get fruitful results!