For insurance agents, lead generation is the first step towards getting the business for their employer. There are different options such as email lists, purchasing leads online or planning a direct mail marketing campaign used by insurance agencies and agents to incite a response from potential customers. Also combining different marketing techniques can result in optimal lead generation.

Here we are going to discuss how direct mail marketing with good insurance mailing lists can be used for better lead generation.

Many people are of the thought that in the day and age of digital marketing and generating online leads, investing in direct mail marketing might not be a good idea. However, that is not the case since direct mail marketing is a tried and tested method of lead generation for many businesses, and insurance sales is no different. Simply following the below mentioned points can result in increased insurance leads with better ROI.


Narrow down your target market according to the type of insurance plan you are going to sell. For instance, if you are selling auto insurance, then you can get the insurance mailing lists from list brokers compiled according to the vehicle’ registration renewal month and purchasing month. Instead of mailing to  compiled lists, focusing only on targeted insurance mailing lists can save you money with stronger prospects of lead generation.

You can also save a lot on postage expenditure if you are selling senior health insurance by only targeting the demographic turning 65. There are insurance mailing lists that can help you to penetrate into senior market.

There are various marginal costs you can save, and that adds up to a significant amount. Using smaller envelopes, and availing specific postage services, can increase the cost-effectiveness of your direct mail marketing campaign.


To get noticed, it is necessary for your direct mail to stand out among the rest. A direct mail that looks like a personal letter with standard envelope and has a handwritten address will get more attention of the recipients than marketing brochures will. Also, keeping the pitch of your mail simple and short will help you to get the attention and interest of recipients in your insurance policies.


Even if you have successfully hit the right market with effective insurance mailing lists and have convinced the recipient with the content of your direct mail, all these feats will only be fruitful if recipients can reach you in return. Therefore, it is necessary to provide several contact options in the mail. You can use vanity phone numbers, local landline numbers, emails, web addresses and QR codes to increase the response from  recipients.

Following the above tips for your direct mail marketing campaign and using appropriate insurance mailing lists can help you with increased lead generation. You can also measure the ROI of your direct mail marketing to plan better for the next campaign.