For marketers, it has always been a challenge to promote their product among the youngest demographic i.e. children. This target audience is pretty impressionable and can’t take a decision on its own. Children make up a significant size of the consumer base for businesses.

In addition, we are well aware of the fact that there are entire industries thriving by catering to children only. So, it is important to promote the business in this age group while maintaining required marketing ethics. Direct mail, a dependable promotional tool, can be put to use to reach out to the prospective youngest audience without exploiting their gullible minds.

Address the Parents and Caregivers as Well

While writing a direct mail for children, make sure that you achieve the balance where both parents and kids can get the gist of your message. It is important to understand that parents will eventually decide whether to take any action on your mail. So, if your marketing message fails to resonate with parents, the whole direct mail marketing campaign will render useless.

The Mail Must Look Animated

While reaching out to kids, make sure that your direct mail is vibrant. So, one can tell it is intended for kids even without going through its content. There are several things that you can put into practice to inculcate this feature in your direct mail.

Use Flashy and Colorful Envelope

Your direct mail should stand out among all the white and brown envelopes in the mailbox. For that, you can use various color-rich options. Vibrant green, red, yellow or multicolor envelope will surely get the attention of young members of the household.

Use Funky Fonts

The copy of your direct mail should be written in a funky font. For instance, Comic Sans will be more suitable to write a mail targeting children instead of Times New Roman or Ariel. You can also use some other customized funky fonts for your direct mail. Moreover, incorporate different colors in the text of the mail.

Integrate Images

Kids are immediately attracted to pictorial representations. Therefore, it would be pretty fitting to include images in your direct mail to convey the marketing message. For instance, while promoting a toy store, don’t forget to include some fine pictures of the products that are offered in the store. For kids under 11, images work better than text.

Make Your Mail a Small Goody Bag

You can win over children and parents by enclosing small presents and edibles in your mail. This gesture will show your seriousness in doing business with consumers.

How Can Targeted Mailing Lists Help in Reaching Out to Children?

Targeted mailing lists have certainly changed the landscape and scope of direct mail marketing. With the help of insurance mailing lists, you can actually find out if the target addresses are households with children. This will help you in devising a more focused and result-oriented direct mail marketing campaign.

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