“A picture is worth a thousand words” is a bit clichéd idiom used quite often. Nevertheless, it carries weight because many times pictorial representations are indeed better than verbose descriptions. In many cases, it is easy and more effective to convey message or information through visuals instead of text.

Science and statistics also substantiate the supremacy of visual medium. Nearly 65 percent of individuals have most of their learning through visuals. Studies also tell us that 90 percent of the information in the brain processed in visual form. In addition, it is also a well-known fact that visuals help a lot in persuasion. In the domain of marketing, addition of visual content in promotional campaigns can help a lot to engage more customers and to persuade them to do business with you.

Direct mail marketing is considered by many as only a text-based promotional mean. But reality is contrary to that. Direct mail marketing is still thriving because it has adapted with changing times. It’s just a misconception that visuals are only for the digital medium. You can use visual content in your direct mails in many different forms. Let’s have a look on how pictorial stuff can make your direct mail promotions more effective.


Splitting the space of your direct mail between text and high-quality images can ensure that recipients take more interest in what you are sending their way. A research shows that articles with images are read 94 percent times more. If you are promoting your auto shop through automotive mailing lists, you can add some good clicks of your establishment from various angles to provide credence to the message you are conveying through the direct mail.


Infographics has become a rage in digital industry. You can also use them in your direct mail as well. They are easily comprehensible pictorial representations of numbers and stats. It is noted that consumers lose interest when they have to go through long, complex figures and numbers.

If your business deals in mortgage loans and you have to convey several numbers to the recipients through your direct mail, you can convert those numerical figures into images through infographics to ensure better communication with your prospective consumers.


We have to accept that it’s the age of internet. Its influence on the majority is indeed unmatched. Therefore, you can borrow some of its motifs to make your direct marketing look cool, interesting and effective.

For instance, you can use different contemporary memes and other popular visuals from internet culture in your direct mail if your target market is comprised of young people. However, make sure that the content of memes should not be contrasting to the nature of your business. Moreover, it might not be a good idea to use memes if you are promoting a pharmacy or any other business of serious nature.

Get the pertinent targeted mailing list from a good mailing list broker and commence a direct mail marketing campaign integrated with visual content. Moreover, read here to find out how customer profiling can be done through targeted mailing lists.