A Public Relation (PR) Campaign from a business can help it in achieving both its short and long-term objectives. Every PR campaign comprises of many different components. A series of events, a discount season and reaching out to customers through different mediums are the recurring elements of any PR campaign.

Direct mail, which has been used for general promotion of businesses, can also be used in an effective PR campaign in more than one way. Let’s have a look at the multiple ways through which direct mail can be utilized in PR campaigns.

Helps in Identifying the Target Audience

Every business wants to improve its standing among its prospects and customers. For that matter, PR campaigns are always targeted to a particular audience. In this context, direct mail marketing along with targeted mailing lists can come in really handy. Targeted mailing lists have a lot of unique selections that can be used in different combinations to come up with a group of recipients with a certain profile. Targeted direct mail marketing can seamlessly fit in with other communication mediums to carry out an omnichannel PR campaign.

Distribution of Discount Coupons

Offering exceptional discounts for a brief time period is also deemed as an effective PR stunt. Direct mail can also be used to launch such PR gimmicks. You can enclose discount coupons in your direct mail and send it to your prospective clients. You can also integrate digital features in your direct mail. For instance, giving a unique QR code in the mail that would land the user to a discount section on your website.

Dispatching Press Release

Press release is a staple of any PR campaign. Instead of distributing them as handouts, the better way is to dispatch them through direct mail. It has been noted that people are more likely to read a press release received in the mail instead of reading its content in a pamphlet.

Special Treatment for Particular Prospects

Having a biased approach in PR campaigns pays greater dividends. Cases in point: providing exclusive offers to your long-time customers or to those that have the potential to be the one. To find out such prospects, you can refer to targeted mailing lists. Prizm Code mailing lists, mortgage mailing lists, and credit score mailing lists can tell you a lot about the financial well-being of your prospects. Giving exclusive treatment to a particular set of prospects can make the end results of your PR campaign more fulfilling.

For Customer Feedback

Apart from evoking certain actions by prospects, you can also gauge the results of a PR campaign from their spoken response. At whichever stage of the PR campaign you use direct mail, make sure it is enclosed with a stamped envelope, making it convenient for the potential clients to give you feedback.

PR campaigns can be carried out in a more effective manner if more than one channel is being used. Mailing list broker plays an integral role in the success of any direct mail marketing campaign, read this blog to find out how you to establish a good working relationship with them.