Direct mail marketing can be carried out in more than one ways. You can take the route of mass mailing in the form of Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) or you can go with targeted promotion powered by targeted mailing lists. With time, when every sphere of life is moving towards more precision and accuracy, marketing methods now also need to be more focused.

Therefore, we advise our readers to go with targeted mail marketing instead of investing in EDDM.  There are many solid reasons to stick to targeted mail marketing. But before we delve into that discussion, it would be better to give a short description of EDDM.

What is EDDM?

EDDM is a service offered by United Service Postal Service which gives businesses a facility to send out their flyers, coupons, and mail to the addresses on any prescribed postal route. The reason why businesses opt for EDDM is its extremely cheap rates.

Why is targeted mail marketing better than EDDM?

We advocate the use of targeted mail marketing over EDDM for several reasons.

No context and personalization

With EDDM, you might succeed in reaching out to thousands of recipients. However, there won’t be any sense of context in this promotion. You can’t choose the demographic or income group you want to target when you take the route of EDDM. Similarly, it is impossible to customize your marketing campaign for a niche-based venture with EDDM.

On the other hand, you can devise your direct mail marketing campaign with a predetermined context if you are keeping it targeted. Various available selections of targeted mailing lists can help you in devising a really customized niche-specific promotional campaign.  With adding context to your direct mail promotions, you can ensure better ROIs as well.

Limitations of route

As mentioned earlier, EDDM only works on prescribed postal routes of USPS. This means you can’t use it to target a certain neighborhood. For local businesses, the limitation of the route can turn into killing the whole promotional campaign. However, using targeted mailing lists means you will be able to target a particular locality.

Limitations of weight

In EDDM, the weight of a mailer can’t exceed 3.3 ounces. So, businesses that want to greet their targeted audience with stuffed mail can’t optimally use this service. On the other hand, direct mail promotion steered through targeted mailing lists is not bound with such restrictions. You can freely enclose goodies in your mail for converting leads into clients if you are carrying out direct mail marketing on standard postal rates.

EDDM is not a long-term marketing solution

You might succeed in a one-off EDDM outing. However, keep in mind that it is not a long-term promotional solution. With zero customization and targeting, you can’t build a profile for your potential consumer base. In addition, you can’t create a long-lasting impression on consumers with EDDM, which is possible through the direct mails powered by targeted mailing lists.

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