Gone are the days when e-commerce is considered a fringe market segment.  The exponential growth of platforms like Amazon, Alibaba, and eBay is enough to prove that e-commerce is the part of mainstream commercial operations. The prevalence of e-commerce has even pushed small and local brick and mortar business establishments to set up a digital façade.

E-commerce operations are primarily promoted through digital and electronic means.  However, very few people are aware of the fact that direct mail can also turn into an effective promotional tool for e-commerce landscape. In this blog, we will discuss some unforeseen and less exploited benefits of direct mail marketing for e-commerce ventures.  

Evading Fierce Digital Competition

In the last couple of years, the digital landscape has been swarmed with marketing and promotional content. With every commercial entity heading towards digitization, fierce competition exists in the digital realm for every niche and sub-niche. Due to the exponential outburst of digital promotions, they have become quite saturated as well.

In this backdrop, direct mail marketing provides e-commerce businesses with an avenue of promotion with fewer competitors.  To understand the less competitive nature of direct marketing, just keep in mind that every email inbox is decked with a plethora of unsolicited emails ending up in the junk folder. On the other hand, there is no concept of junk in the mailbox fixed outside the house.

So, any e-commerce venture can use the less-taken route of direct mail marketing to promote its offerings. E-commerce ventures can integrate their online presence in direct mails through QR codes and short URLs. To make promotion effective and yielding, targeted mailing lists should be used.

Better Customer Engagement

It’s a marketing 101 that engagement begets leads and sales. Direct mail marketing can also ensure better customer engagement given that it has been carried out correctly. For instance, a venture can drive customer engagement by integrating personalization into its direct mails. Different targeted mailing list selections can help ventures in this regard.  

For instance, automotive mailing lists can give a lot of information regarding the recipients. From what vehicle they drive to the year of its manufacturing, a business can get a lot of relevant information from automotive mailing lists to devise a personalized direct mail for the targeted consumer base.

Customers Are More Likely to Avail Direct Mail Offers

As mentioned earlier, email marketing has turned into a redundant promotional activity. People seldom open their inboxes to read unsolicited emails. Hence, any good offer is likely to get lost in the trash and junk folders. Similarly, social media feeds are also crammed with captivating posts and luring offers where users are often unable to differentiate between clickbait and genuine offers.

Direct mail marketing, on the other hand, provides a relatively better platform to reach out to consumers with valuable offers. With a targeted campaign and engaging mail copy, ventures can effectively convey their offers to the target group.

An effective copy plays a significant role in any direct mail marketing campaign. Read this blog to find out how businesses can improve their marketing message for better ROIs.