With all the digital revolution around, direct mail marketing in its essential sense is still thriving. Multiple nationwide surveys have broken the myth that print medium is dead because majority of the US citizens still find it helpful to know about new products and services through postal mails.

So, direct mail campaigns are still a very viable marketing option, particularly the ones carried out through targeted mailing lists. Moreover, they are cost effective means of promotion, which means you can get good ROI with an effective direct mail marketing campaign. In this blog, we will try to outline different cost factors involved in any direct mail marketing campaign, so that you can plan ahead and manage it in a better way.


Depending on your budget, nature of products/services and target market, a direct mail campaign can be executed in few cents per mail to 10 bucks a piece. Here we will try to discuss major expenditures that go into any direct mail marketing campaign.


With time, direct mails have been significantly digressed from regular postal mail design. From stuffed mails to intricately designed pieces, marketers are doing many tricks to attract consumers, and to generate a successful lead. For B2B marketing, you can go with a simple mail piece, saving design cost.

However for B2C marketing campaigns, you will need interactive pieces and a good design template is a must for such communications. Even though you can find many free templates online, if you want to add more creativity and freshness to your marketing campaign, and your budget also allows it, then go for professional designers.


After design, copy of your direct mail is the second thing which grabs the attention of recipients. It is the tool to persuade people to do business with you. Nonetheless, it can only be achieved through an effective copy written by a professional copywriter. Try to allocate a budget for this because you might not be able to convey the marketing message through your own written copy.


Even though you can get free mailing lists, they don’t provide any meaningful results. Therefore, go for targeted mailing lists compiled by professionals. These customized mailing lists can serve your business niche and provide better lead generation. Moreover, they come in very reasonable price.


Size and quality of the paper used, use of color or black and white ink will decide the printing cost per mail. If you are using imagery in your mail pieces, then doll out a good budget for printing purposes.


This is the one final expense of your direct mail marketing campaign. By sending them in bulk through standard First Class USPS mail, you will reach your customers within couple of days without exhausting your marketing resources on distribution.

Read on further to find out different types of direct mail copywriting to streamline your marketing campaign accordingly.