The fast-moving routine of contemporary life and the prevalence of disabling diseases have made assisted living facilities an integral feature of urban amenities. One can say that assisted living centers have now become a part of conventional healthcare regimen.

Therefore, assisted living facilities also need to promote their operations like any other venture. Nevertheless, their domain of operation is really selective. For that matter, they also need to take a different approach in reaching out to their prospective clients.

Direct mail marketing, a time-tested promotional medium, can help the assisted living centers to spread their message among the right group of recipients. For instance, ailment mailing lists can come in really handy if you are only going for an effective yet targeted promotion of an assisted living venture. Let’s see how.

Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s patients need professional assisted living

Both Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s have an effect on the activity of the central nervous system in the affected individuals. In addition, both these conditions are proportional to aging. This is the reason why seniors are the most affected demographic by both of these diseases.

Since both Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s render the affected individuals exceptionally dependent on others, therefore households sometimes need expert services of assisted living facilities to take care of the family seniors suffering from these neurodegenerative conditions.

Ailment mailing lists can provide you with the information of households where patients suffering from these debilitating conditions are present. Assisted living centers can thus reach out to the families of all such patients through a direct mail marketing campaign.

People in wheelchairs are also in need of constant assistance

People living with some disabling condition have to use wheelchairs. Similarly, they also need constant assistance from the others to perform their day-to-day activities. Seniors suffering from an extremely weak musculoskeletal system also get bond to wheelchairs.

If an assisted living center provides services to such individuals, then they can use the ailment mailing list selection that entails the information of wheelchair users. It can help them in devising a well-customized direct mail promotion that would only target the homeowners with wheelchair users. Some arthritis patients also need assisted living. Their information can also be retrieved from ailment mailing lists.

Insurance mailing lists can also aid in the promotion of assisted living facilities

Apart from devising a highly targeted marketing campaign through the aforementioned ailment mailing selections, you can also carry out an expansive promotion of an assisted living facility with the help of insurance mailing lists. These targeted mailing lists can provide you with the postal information of households with members turning 65, 70, or above.

It is a well-known fact that this age group mostly avails the services of assisted living facilities. So, this selection of insurance mailing lists might have many potential clients for an assisted living facility. If you are going to devise a direct mail promotion for your assisted living center, then read this blog to determine the cost of carrying out a direct mail marketing campaign.