The sustenance of any business greatly depends on how it is perceived by its consumers. If customers feel that they are valued by a business, they will come again and again to avail its services or products. For this reason, it is important for business marketing strategies to take care of this aspect.

If you use direct mail marketing for the promotion of your business, then you can also take up different measures through it to make your existing and potential consumers feel special and valued.


If your mail only revolves around selling the business from beginning to end, you might not be able to create a good impression on the customers. Talk about consumers, their needs and what they want from your business. You can even run a separate campaign to get the opinion of your existing consumer base for the amendment and improvement of any your business feature. For instance, an art shop can take renovation ideas for their interior from its existing consumers and prospective clientele (through targeted mailing list).

Implement those ideas that go well with your business and inform consumers how you have acted upon their recommendations. This little exercise can definitely help you inculcate a feeling of being valued by your consumers and that will consequently help you to achieve higher retention rates.


Many individuals shift their loyalties just because of poor customer service even if they are satisfied with products. Customers feel devalued and get unhappy when they don’t get timely replies to their queries. If direct mail is your standard marketing and communication tool, make sure that you are using the fastest mailing service USPS has to offer. Even a targeted recipient can become part of your consumer base if you are promptly answering all his queries.


If your business is doing exceptional and you are racking up good revenues, then there is no harm in spending a portion of it to further improve your reputation and to make your consumers feel special. For this, you can devise a direct mail marketing campaign in which you are not selling anything. Instead, it will only be intended to gratify the consumers. A direct mail enclosed with small gifts, goodies and vouchers will indeed catch the customers with a pleasant surprise.


If you are really willing to communicate with consumers and demonstrating it by enclosing en empty stamped envelope, then this gesture will definitely be recognized by them. Not only will they feel special, but this practice can also improve your conversion rates.

You can get a wide range of targeted mailing lists from an experienced mailing list broker to devise your direct mail campaign. Read this blog to find out how surveys can help in gauging consumers’ mood and how it will help in devising an effective direct mail marketing campaign.