The e-commerce landscape has developed by leaps and bounds in the last couple of years. We all are live witnesses of how e-commerce websites, such as Amazon and Alibaba, have burst onto the scene and now hold a major chunk of the worldwide retail market.

The non-stop growth and proliferation of online businesses has created a substantial challenge on the marketing front. Business owners are now experimenting with every available marketing device. In this context, direct mail has become a center of attention of many online entrepreneurs.

In this blog post, we are going to discuss how this offline correspondence, which was once mocked as an ‘obsolete’ means of promotion, has become all the rage in this age of digital entrepreneurship.

1) Direct Mail Landscape Offers Less Competition

Online marketplaces are brimming with businesses that also use the same digital means for their promotions. This excessive use of online medium has saturated it. Amid so many competitors that are already fighting tooth and nail to outdo each other, it is nearly impossible for any new or even established business to make any promotional mark.

In contrast, direct mail offers a promotional ground that still has a lot of untapped potentials. There are better prospects of improving your business’s visibility among potential consumers through direct mail, given that you are using targeted mailing lists to reach out to them.

For instance, reaching out to golf enthusiasts with the help of behavioral interest mailing lists is far more effective than spamming their SMS and email inboxes. In a similar manner, every business can have a better shot at generating some leads for their business through direct mail.

2) It Allows Online Businesses to Focus

Digital and online marketing campaigns are often carried out on enormous scales. Even SMEs are targeting thousands of recipients with their promotional message. With such excessive numbers, it is not possible for you to focus on a certain target group.  This is the reason why many mass online marketing campaigns remains directionless and thus end up with abysmal ROIs.

Targeted direct mail marketing campaigns always entail smaller prospective market. This allows online businesses to keep their marketing effort measurable and result-oriented. Positive ROIs are guaranteed if you use the right, clean, and updated targeted mailing lists for your campaign.

3) Customers Also Perceive Direct Mail in a Better Manner

There is a large number of consumers who are already fed up with the relentless, unsolicited, invasive, and aggressive means of promotions on the web. While developing this revulsion and disapproval for modern gimmicks, they have become more receptive of old school marketing methods.

In other words, many customers take the marketing message of a direct mail more seriously than any ad pop-up or unsolicited SMS. This changing consumer behavior is also forcing many online businesses to use direct mail.

It’s necessary to re-engage with your dormant consumer base to sustain profits. Read this post to find out how direct mail can help in this regard.