Direct mail can take many forms and the postcard is one of them. However, there is a widespread misconception that postcards are only reserved for special occasions—that’s not the case. There is no prescribed rule for using postcard only on certain occasions. Instead, you can make your direct mail marketing campaign an event of its own kind by centering it on postcards.

In this blog post, we are going to discuss some measures that you should take into account in making more response-churning and result-yielding promotional postcards. Always remember that: a response-churning postcard always ensures better marketing ROIs.

1) Always Use Eye-Catching Visuals on the Front

Several scientific studies have proved that humans give a better response to visual stimuli. So, if you want your postcards more accessible and easy on the eyes, add some dazzling visuals on its front. It would be better if you use the visuals that are relevant to the services or products you offer. A strong pictorial message will persuade the recipients to look inside the postcard.

2) Don’t Mince Your Call-to-Action

Doing your direct mail promotion through postcards doesn’t mean you will change its standard rules. It has been observed that many businesses turn their direct mail postcards into long, boring pieces of irrelevant stories without putting up any clear call-to-action. Keep in mind that recipients know that they are reading a promotional postcard. So, they always look for the call-to-action that the content of postcard put across. Without having a distinctive call-to-action, you can’t get the desired response from your direct mail trick of postcards.

3) Personalize the Postcard

A postcard calling recipients with their first name and subtly talking about their interests and aspirations can elicit a better response. For that matter, don’t forget to personalize your direct mail postcards. You can do it with the help of targeted mailing lists.

The information corroborated from different targeted mailing lists selections can help you in writing a personalized message for every postcard. This will certainly take more time. However, the impressive response that it generates is worth it.

4) Try to Track the Response Online

One of the reasons for the continued success of direct mail is that it doesn’t work in isolation. In other words, you can use it along with other marketing means as well.  In a similar manner, you can also use other means to track its success.  For instance, add QR codes and personalized URLs in your postcards to track the individual and collective real-time response from the recipients.

This quick information will help you in modifying your postcard campaign as you are proceeding to the next group of recipients.

Get in touch with any experienced mailing list broker to get updated targeted mailing lists and devise an effective postcard campaign for your business. Direct mail can also be used to create brand awareness. Read this post to find out more on this topic.