In B2B (business to business) marketing campaigns, the primary objective of marketers is to reach out to decision-makers of the targeted entities. Understandably, that’s the difficult part of any such promotional campaign.  C-suite executives are the breed of corporate titles in any organization that are supposed to take important business decisions. Chief executive officers, chief operating officers, and chief financial officers, for instance, are some examples of C-suite executives.

When it comes to marketing and promotions, direct mail has been producing desirable results for businesses for decades. This time-tested promotional tool can also be effectively used in carrying out a tricky campaign to reach out to C-suite executives.

Direct Mail Feels Authentic

The accessibility to C-suite executives has been improved in the last couple of years, thanks to social media. However, this doesn’t always help in making a meaningful business contact with them.

Moreover, social media is crammed with imposters on both sides. You can stumble upon fake CEOs while C-suite executives are also frequently inundated by messages from fake and fraudulent marketers. In such a distrustful environment, a better way to reach out to C-suite executives is to use direct mail. A message, a suggestion or an offer presented in written hardcopy naturally has a certain level of authenticity and appeal about it. Moreover, people don’t like to go through detailed and complex written marketing pieces on social networks. On the other hand, long and intricate ideas can be effectively relayed through direct mail.

In short, to come out as a serious and authentic business partner, direct mail can feel more authentic.

Get around the Clutter

Digital channels giving access to C-suite executives are already swamped. This makes it really hard to stand apart from all the clutter, in order to reach out to the targeted individual. Postal mails, however, are not used with such fervor. In other words, there are now more prospects of reaching out to C-suite executives through direct mail. It might take time but you will eventually get the response that you are looking for.

Tips for Reaching out to C-Suite Executives

Get Help from Targeted Mailing Lists

If you are not sure how to reach out to C-suite executives, then a mailing list broker might help you. Specific professionals mailing lists, for instance, take into account the details of different professionals. You can cross reference the details with other data sets to reach out to the C-suite executives of your given domain.

Spend on your Direct Mail

Since promotion among C-suite executives always entails fewer mails, therefore you have the room to spend more on them. In order to make your expedition to C-suite executives more effective, try to send the mail from urgent mail delivery service. You can also use a private courier to fast-track your direct mail to C-suite executives.

Also, try to use personal stationery to write down your proposal. A visually pleasing direct mail definitely gets more attention. Promotion in an already saturated market is always tough. Read this blog to find out how direct mail can help in penetrating a saturated market.