From furniture, exterior décor to bathroom fittings, different home stores offer dozens of items for their functionality and aesthetics. The never-ending demand for home accessories begets the perception that such business establishments don’t need proactive marketing.

However, this is not true at all. Nowadays, local brick and mortar home stores are in need of promotions more than ever because of the plethora of online and offline options available to customers. To reach out to the homeowners living in the radius where a home accessory store operates, direct mail marketing can come in handy.

To make their conventional marketing efforts more yielding, store owners dealing in particular home accessories can go for targeted marketing by using mortgage mailing lists. Let’s have a look at several instances where different home accessory stores can streamline their marketing campaigns with the use of mortgage mailing lists.

Outdoor Home Décor Stores

The articles used for the beautification of residential façades largely depend on the type of siding. A front made of stone will need a different type of adornment as compared to the wooden front. Similarly, houses with shingle roofing and flat roofs both need a different type of makeover. Since decoration items depend on the type of exterior, therefore it becomes difficult for décor stores to mark their potential customers.

Through mortgage mailing lists, store owners can study and target the recipients, according to the siding of their homes. This information will certainly enable home décor stores in devising customized direct marketing campaigns as per the items they offer.

Stores Dealing in Bathroom Accessories

Store owners dealing in bathroom accessories can also use mortgage mailing lists to devise targeted direct mail marketing campaigns. Some mortgage mailing list selections actually reveal the number of bathroom units and their types in recipients’ houses.

Residences with extensive bathroom structures need a bulk of relevant accessories. So, all accessory stores can specifically target homes with bathroom ranges needing the tools and add-ons offered by their businesses.

Stores Dealing in General Home Décor and Accessories

Mortgage mailing lists also differentiate entries on the basis of their purchase date. This means local home accessory stores can find about all new residential purchases in the neighborhood through updated mortgage mailing lists. It is a general understanding that new owners need a lot of accessories to make their house a home. From furniture to crockery and whatnots, home stores can target new homeowners for a range of accessories.

Targeting Affluent Homeowners

The information available in mortgage mailing list can also help home stores in putting aside the affluent homeowners. The size of the house, the presence of pools and other such information can provide them with the list of homeowners that can be targeted for high-end home accessories.

You can take out the required homeowner information from updated mortgage mailing lists furnished by any good mailing list broker. Why is interactive content an essential ingredient of direct mail? Read this blog to find out.