Buying an accurate mailing list of target customers is nothing short of being a goldmine for the marketing and sales department of any company. These mailing lists are extremely important as they allow you to identify sales leads, which are a group of people on which you can test new products and make use of them by gaining, learning, and improving from their feedback on customer satisfaction. In order to maintain the usefulness of a mailing list though, it is essential that you keep updating it.

Mailing lists are lists of physical addresses that can help you target your audience in a better way. It is ideal to add sufficient amount of information in a mailing list to help you with the following:

  • For tracking which products or services are purchased or used by a particular customer
  • For tracking the method used by them for making the purchases
  • For tracking how often the customers have contacted the customer services

For effective direct marketing, the mailing lists can be segmented so as to allow customization of communication according to a particular customer:


Customers that have already purchased a product from a company are more likely to do so again, if their experience had been a good one, as compared to someone who has never heard of that company. Therefore, gaining a mailing address from a previous customer is an effective strategy. This also works for a company offering various products, for example, if you have a customer coming in for vehicle repair and also provide roadside services, you can pitch them your other product as well.


A mailing list is the perfect way to introduce your new product. If you already have a mailing list of customers who are happy with your services, you can send them mails introducing your new product to them.

Use this mailing list to add an touch of excitement about your product among the customers even before the launching of the product. Utilizing a mailing list is a perfect way to get the people talking about your upcoming product. Moreover, based on the feedback you will get through this method, you can improvise the product as well.


Blindly marketing your product might bring you a few customers but the cost and energy used in the process will be huge compared to the results you will get. Therefore, you are recommended to target effectively and a mailing list can allow you to do just that.

All you have to do is background research and then buy a mailing list comprising of potential leads that you know will be interested in your product. Nothing gets the word around better than a happy customer. Once you have targeted the right customer, the direct marketing will carry itself out through word of mouth. This is why creating, buying and working on a mailing list is important as an effective direct marketing technique.