Lead nurturing is an essential element of any sales funnel. Converting a mere recipient into a quality lead and then eventually into a customer is the aim and objective of nearly every promotional endeavor. With ongoing digital invasion, many people think that email is the only effective way of lead nurturing.

However, the truth of the matter is direct mail is still the best way to generate quality leads. The results produced by direct mail are authentic and really help in advancing the sales funnel further. In this blog, we are going to talk about some least discussed provisions of lead nurturing through direct mail marketing.

Facilitates Customer Response

Notwithstanding the effective CTA of your direct mail copy, it won’t convert into any tangible results if customers are not able to get in touch with you without a hassle. It should be kept in mind that prospective customers are the laziest among the lot. They are not going to make any extra effort to get back to you. So, there are two ways in which you can make it easier for recipients to respond:

  • Enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope in your mail and also readymade forms that users can send to avail certain products or services.
  • If you have an online front of your business (website, social media account, etc), then integrate it in the direct mail through QR codes and shortened URLs.

By facilitating recipients’ response, you can experience a noticeable improvement in your lead nurturing efforts and results.

Refrain from Buzzword Stuffing

Don’t insult customers’ intelligence by making your direct mail copy a sales-oriented piece of work. For instance, using too much buzzword in your copy to make it look trendy can backfire. Customers red flag a piece when they detect too many buzzwords in it. If you want to nurture quality leads, then it’s important to reach out to them with an outlook that isn’t blatantly sales-oriented.

Provide Proof

Overstated claims will not work if you are really after some serious prospects. Don’t just smear your mail with false or hyperbolic data. Only make claims that you can support with authenticity. For example, take reviews from your existing customers and make them part of your lead nurturing direct mails.

Similarly, providing any favorable stats regarding your business furnished by a third party can also help in establishing the proof of your services or products, which can really help you in nurturing a lead down the funnel.

Focus on Quality of Lists and Mail

You can’t get your lead nurturing right if you are not reaching out to prospects through pertinent targeted mailing lists. So, always use updated and clean targeted mailing lists curated by professional mailing list brokers. Secondly, use quality material for your direct mail. Use postcards instead of low-grade paper to write your direct mail copy. It’s a small thing but can affect the overall results of promotions.

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