If the growth of your customer base has stagnated, then it’s time to look for new avenues. However, doing this is not as easy as it sounds. Stepping out into a new consumer market entails thorough research. A hasty, half-cooked decision to enter a new consumer market can result in numerous losses instead of gains.

Direct mail is a tried and tested means of promotion that has been employed for businesses for over 100 years. With the use of targeted mailing lists, you can introduce your business to a whole new customer segment.

Reaching Out to a New Age Demographic

If the insights you have gained from using business analytics tell you that you need to reach out to a younger consumer base, then direct mail can be a good start. There is a range of targeted mailing lists that can help you in reaching out to young customers. If you are worried that young people will remain unresponsive to this ‘old’ marketing tactic, then here is a statistic to remove your apprehensions. Over 80% of customers below 30 open direct mails and the majority of them skim through them for any useful offer.

When the majority of businesses are trying to pursue young ones through the internet, you can get the edge over them by employing direct mail for promoting your venture.

Reaching Out to a New Income Bracket

A business’s profit greatly depends on the purchasing power of its target customers. You might be thinking about introducing your premium services/products to affluent users but don’t know where to start from. Direct mail is one way to enter a new market comprising of high-end consumers. Prizm code mailing lists can help you in this regard.

These targeted mailing lists segment consumers into over 50 unique income brackets. You can select segments that are in line with the target market for your offered product/service according to the zip code that you operate in. To get a better hold of the financial status of your recipients, you can also use the data from credit score mailing lists. Cross-referencing the two can give you a list of recipients matching your desired target market.

Reaching out to a New Lifestyle

Some products and services are loosely exclusive to certain lifestyles. If you think your business needs exposure among a consumer segment, then targeted mailing lists and direct mail can come in really handy.

Behavioral interest mailing lists, automotive mailing lists, and insurance mailing lists are some of the data collections that you can cross-reference with each other to develop a recipient list pertaining to a lifestyle that you might want to reach out to.

With the winning feature of targeted mailing lists, direct mail has become a versatile promotion tool. You can also integrate them in omnichannel marketing and sales strategies. Read this blog post to find out more on this subject.