The success of any marketing endeavor can be predicted by the initial response and reaction of the targeted base. A lukewarm response very rarely converts into a healthy lead generation. On the other hand, a marketing campaign that succeeds in getting maximum traction in the first round can eventually generate a high ROI activity.

In many instances of direct mail campaigns, the response from consumers is based on the binary of all-or-one i.e. either the targeted consumers decide to purchase the offered product or service or they just brush off the marketing message altogether. This unique character makes the response of targeted consumers more crucial for businesses relying on direct mail campaign.

Therefore, a good direct mail marketing practice is to work on drawing maximum response from the target consumers. There are various ways in which a direct mail campaign can generate gainful responses from prospects.

Use of Targeted Mailing Lists

The arrival of targeted mailing lists has completely changed the outlook of direct mail marketing. These lists are the reason why direct mail is still thriving in this age of extensive digitization. Targeted mailing lists can effectively be used to elicit a better response from consumers. This actually becomes possible for these reasons.

Hitting the Right Audience

No matter how well thought-out and planned your marketing campaign is, it can’t get you the desired results if it is not hitting the right audience. This is marketing 101. You can’t run a successful promotional campaign of sporting gear among people above 60. Similarly, marketing healthcare services among young people might not be a great idea.

Targeted mailing lists, such as insurance mailing lists, voters’ mailing lists, and some other selections can help you to pick the age group that has the largest number of potential consumers for your business.

Running Psychographs

By carrying out prior psychographs, you can effectively target your prospective audience to elicit a better response. Cross-referencing among behavioral mailing lists, response mailing lists, and PRIZM code mailing lists can give you a fair idea about the psychological attributes of the people you are going to target. With this information, you can mold a marketing message that can lead to better responses from your target customers.

Personalization of Mail

A bland, generic and monotonous direct mail copy won’t work to get a better response even from the right audience. Therefore, it is imperative that you work out an effective copy. Create a personalized copy and talk about the requirements of the customers as individualistic issues. Writing a personalized mail becomes quite easy when you are building your direct mail campaign around your targeted mailing lists.

So, get in touch with any experienced mailing list broker and acquire relevant targeted mailing lists, if you want to execute a dynamic direct mail campaign, which is full of consumer responses. Read further to find out why targeted mailing is a better promotional tool than every door direct mail.