Many businesses are looking for free mailing lists rather than purchasing a mailing list. It is possible to obtain a free list, but it is very labor intense and time consuming. There are two options in direct mail marketing. You can create your own free mailing list or purchase a list. Compiling your own list for prospecting is not an easy task. This involves gathering information from online sources, surveys and/or county records. Buying a mailing list for prospecting will save you time and money in the long run. Direct mail marketing is an effective way to market your new product or service. Direct mail gives you the ability to reach a larger group of targeted consumers or businesses at one time.

A free mailing list can be created from customers that have already purchased or shown an interest in your company. If you are looking to increase sales from your current customers, using free lists from your current database is extremely successful. This is the most effective way to create a free list. Marketing Lists Direct can also update your internal database by running it through a national change of address. These are people that have already purchased or shown and interest in your product or service. A reminder mailing with a new offer is a great way to retain your business and get more sales from people that have bought from you in the past. Trying to compile a free mailing list for new prospects that have never purchased from you is a completely different story. It is a very time consuming and tedious task and it is possible that the information that is gathered is old and non deliverable, which will result in a large amount of wasted marketing dollars.

It makes more sense to buy a list from a mailing list broker, such as Marketing Lists Direct, when looking to increase the number of new customers. If you are looking to increase your customer base and gain new clients, buying a list is the most efficient way to market. Buying a mailing list gives you the ability to easily select your target audience. Whether selecting businesses, residential, consumer or specialty lists, it is easily selectable by an array of demographics. For businesses, you can select types of businesses, their sale volume, employee size and even the year they opened their business. For residential, you can select age, income, children present, home values, renters and many other selections. Buying a list from a data provider gives you the confidence that your information is up to date and guaranteed deliverable. The money that is spent on printing and postage is not worth wasting by using an inaccurate or old database.

Creating free mailing lists and buying a list, can both be effective ways to grow your business when each is used correctly. The decision needs to be based on whether you are looking to increase sales from current customers or looking to gain new customers. In either case, direct mail marketing with mailing lists is proven effective in any business. A focused message with a great offer and accurate mailing list will ensure a company’s marketing success.