Lawn care and landscaping services are considered niches ventures. And we all know that it’s never easy to promote such businesses. However, direct mail marketing powered by targeted mailing lists provides landscapers with an effective way to reach out to their potential customers.

Let’s have a quick look at how landscapers can put direct mail marketing to better use.

Use of Targeted Mailing Lists

Using Mortgage Mailing List Selections

The square footage value of a house is one way to find if it has the room for landscaping and landscaping services. Through mortgage mailing list selections that entail lot and home size, one can filter out the addresses in any zip code that might need lawn care and landscaping services.

The value of a home is another way to make a good guess if the homeowner is also a lawn owner. Mortgage mailing lists can also help in picking the recipients on the basis of the value of their homes.

Using Prizm Code Mailing Lists  

In marketing, we often have to go along with the established stereotypes. For instance, it is believed that rich people are more into landscaping and outdoor vegetation spaces. You can reach out to those opulent recipients of your selected zip code through Prizm code mailing lists.

Using Behavioral Interest Mailing List

It is not always necessary that only affluent people invest in lawn and landscaping. There are many hobbyists who go out of their way to maintain a landscape of their choice. With the help of behavioral interest mailing lists, you can find out those landscaping enthusiasts in a particular geographic region.

Cross-Referencing Them All

If you want to devise a highly responsive direct mail marketing campaign, then cross-reference the entries from all the above-discussed lists. This might take some time. However, you will end up distilling an exceptionally customized mailing list for the promotions of your lawn and landscaping venture.

Why Direct Mail Marketing for Landscaping?

These are the reasons due to which direct mail is best suited for the promotion of lawn care and landscaping ventures.

People Prefer to Work with a Local Business

When it comes to lawn and landscapes, people prefer to work with contractors to whom they can reach out in person whenever they need any assistance or service.

Baby Boomers Are Your Primary Customers

Lawns and landscapes are usually being taken care of by elder people of the house. They have the patience to give time to a well-composed direct mail copy. In fact, they prefer to read them instead of getting lost in digital and electronic marketing spam.

You Can Establish a Loyal Consumer Base

With personalization offered by targeted mailing lists, you can make your landscaping an exclusive affair. You can work on a limited number of prospective customers for distinct promotional results.

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