Higher influx of immigrants and increased birth rates among minorities has culminated to unprecedented heights of religious and cultural diversity in the country. Moreover, upwards movement of ethnic communities through income strata has also shaped a specific niche, driven by peculiar lifestyle and shopping habits.

For the aforementioned reasons, there is a huge prospect for businesses to tap into those unearthed consumer markets. Direct mail marketing, a time-tested method to promote your business operations, has also adapted this change in its targeted approach. Now, you are available with ethnically targeted mailing lists.

These targeted mailing lists give businesses an opportunity to target consumers on the basis of their ethnicity, country of origin, language and religion. In this blog, we will try to articulate how direct mail marketing carried out through ethnic targeted mailing lists can help a business avail benefits of ethnically-driven consumer tendencies.


Mediterranean cuisines have traversed the Mediterranean Sea and reached new markets. For instance Falafel, a Mediterranean recipe for fried dough, has transcended the list of ‘exotic cuisines’ and now feasted upon by foodies all over the world.

However, the peculiarities of Mediterranean cuisines are still alien for the majority. Therefore, if you are going to set up an eatery dealing in Mediterranean recipes, then your target market should be the Diaspora from the Middle Eastern countries. But the question is how can you reach out to them?

Direct mail marketing can help you in this regard with the help of specific ethnic targeted mailing lists. An experienced mailing list broker can provide you with lists to target Arab demographics. Since most of the Middle Eastern population speaks Arabic, for them Mediterranean food is nothing but a staple dietary item.

By notifying that a restaurant in their area is serving and delivering the taste of homeland through direct mails, you can experience a flying start with your venture. While addressing the Arab demographic in the copy of your direct mail, make sure that you are not positioning your eatery as something foreign and new.

A copy with an organic and neutral tone will help you elicit more response from your target audience. Like this, you can target the demographics of different ethnicities, languages and religions according to the niche of your business.

Statistics show that US have more than 22 millions foreign citizens. Almost all of them are covered through ethnic targeted mailing lists. From Asian (Far East and non-oriental) to Scottish entrees, you can get more than a dozen different ethnic targeted mailing lists according to country of origin, religion and language.

So, test the waters by reaching out to consumer bases that are rarely targeted by devising your direct mail marketing around ethnic targeted mailing lists. Get in touch with a good mailing list broker to acquire those targeted lists and find out how you can increase the response rate of your direct mail marketing campaign.