In the last article, we discussed how different sets of information present in credit score mailing lists could be used to devise and market loan offers. Since there is a lot of valuable data present in such lists, therefore we are doing a second article on the topic.

Previously, we talked about how credits scores and the information regarding revolving debt about the recipients can assist you in devising your loan offers. Here, we will move our discussion to some other financial aspects covered in credit score mailing list that can help you with direct mail marketing campaigns for loan offers.

Marketing in the Light of Bankruptcy Information

It won’t be a good idea to reach out to the recipients who have formally declared that they can’t repay the debts. Credit score mailing lists provide you this information to omit all such addresses from your list that have filed bankruptcy. You can save resources on reaching out to those who won’t be able to respond to your loan offers.


On the other hand, if you provide financial assistance and solutions to the people hit by acute financial crunch, then bankruptcy information available in credit score mailing list can be of great help to you. To market bankruptcy solutions among the relevant consumer base, these targeted mailing lists are the right choice to be used in your direct mail marketing campaign.

Marketing on the Basis of Open Lines of Credit

In simple words, a line of credit is an extended form of credit card where the borrower can get a certain amount of money from the lender and can continue to do it as long as he pays back the borrowed amount.


In most of the cases, a line of credit is availed by businesses and the individuals who require assistance with home equity and remodeling. It is important to note that financial institutes only offer lines of credit to those who have a good history with their debt repayments.


So, by finding out the number of open lines of credit in the name of any recipient, you can surely tell about his financial well-being.


For instance, a business with more than one open line of credit is indicative of the fact that it’s thriving and is able to pay the debts of multiple lenders. Credit score mailing lists can also provide you with the information about the details of lines of credit of the recipients. For ventures who offer loans to small-sized business, this information will be of great help in devising the offers.

A combination of All

One can also combine all these different sets of information (credit score, revolving debt, bankruptcy information and a number of lines of credit) to drive their loan offers. Moreover, it can also assist in making customized offers to different groups of recipients according to their financial standing.


So, get credit score mailing lists from an experienced mailing list brokers to devise your direct mail campaigns for loan offers. Moreover, read further to find out how direct mail is an effective tool to implement basic principles of marketing.