We have extensively discussed in this section the importance of targeted mailing lists in devising a direct mail marketing campaign. It is safe to assume that no direct mail promotion these days can be carried out without using targeted mailing lists.

There are dozens of targeted mailing lists that you can get from any professional mailing list broker. The creation of each of them is different from each other. Nevertheless, there are some common fundamentals that are used in the compilation of every targeted mailing list. Let’s briefly discuss these basics to comprehend the process of targeted mailing list creation.

Targeted Mailing Lists are Compiled with Respective Zip Codes

Like an electronic advertisement, where physical constrictions have become immaterial, direct mail marketing is still carried out to effectively promote a business in a certain geographical radius. Therefore, mailing lists brokers always compile targeted mailing lists in accordance with particular zip codes. For instance, you can find mortgage mailing lists for different zip codes. You can then pick the one that would help you in targeting the potential consumers in the areas where your business operates.

Only Self-Reported and Publically Available Data is Used in the Compilation of Targeted Mailing Lists

Many people raise their concern regarding the data used to distill targeted mailing lists. Their concern is, in fact, legitimate if we particularly look it in the current backdrop of data breaches and thefts. We should inform you that any professional mailing list broker only uses the data available in public databases, or the information that is reported by the recipients themselves.

For instance, while compiling an ailment mailing list highlighting a certain medical condition, brokers only use the self-reported information collected in the form of different public healthcare surveys and online forms. No confidential patient records are exploited in the making of these lists.  Similar diligence is practiced in compiling other targeted mailing lists as well.

We hope that the explanation mentioned above has addressed this concern once and for all.

Targeted Mailing Lists are Cross-Referenced to Omit Repetitions

The issue of repeated entries in mailing lists is an ongoing problem for marketers. It does affect their ROIs negatively. For that matter, every seasoned mailing list broker tries to omit all the repetitive addresses by constantly cross-referencing them with the updated data.  It is important to understand that regular updating of targeted mailing list helps in maintaining their effectiveness, which ensures better lead generation.

Targeted Mailing Lists are Compiled in Different ‘Selects’

It is another important part of the process of targeted mailing list compilations where they are divided into several subcategories, called ‘selects’ in direct mail’s jargon. For instance, credit scoring mailing lists are available in different selects that are compiled on the basis of credit score range, information of revolving debt, bankruptcy details and according to a number of open lines of credits on the name of a recipient.

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