Market research provides a platform for every promotional journey. A business can’t have a successful advertising campaign if it’s not using a template developed through market research. Businesses mostly use existing marketing research done by some other entities operating in the same niche. They are also able to generate the desired promotional results by using the same source material.

However, sometimes it is better to do your own customized marketing research to reap better results. In this blog, we are going to discuss how some targeted mailing lists can help you in doing your in-house marketing research.

Use Behavioral Interest Mailing List Cross-Referencing to Build a Buyer Persona

In order to define the persona of your standard customer, you can get take a cue from behavioral interest mailing lists. The recipients on this mailing list are categorized on the basis of different hobbies and interests. Pick all those that belong to the zip code that you want to operate in.

After this shortlisting, cross-reference these recipients with Prizm Code or credit score mailing lists to know their financial standings. After that, you can also categorize them in age groups through voters mailing lists or insurance mailing lists.

So, a successful cross-referencing of behavioral interest mailing lists can provide you with different buyers’ persona residing in your area of business operation. With these unique lists in your hand, you will be able to tailor a highly-customized promotional campaign with attractive offers for every group of your prospective clients.


A person with great interest in traveling (found out through behavioral interest mailing list) with an affluent background (lying in the top codes of Prizm mailing lists) and belonging to the younger demographic will be a high-end buyer with immense purchasing power who will also have a room for trying out new things. Businesses can reach out to these customers with unique and premium offers.

Dissect Response Mailing Lists

Another targeted mailing list that can help with market research is the response mailing list. This particular category entails the recipient data of all those individuals who have purchased or made an inquiry about a certain product or service. It also gives a list of different magazines and newsletter subscriptions.

Look for the entries from your zip code in different response mailing list selections and try to deduce their interests. This exercise can help you in finding out the room that you can get in any target market with your products and services.

Look Into Ethnic Targeted Mailing Lists

Analyzing the ethnic mix of a given demographic has become an important part of market research since different ethnicities can exhibit different consumer behaviors. You can shortlist ethnic consumers in your target market to devise customized offers. You can also use this information to further enhance the persona of your prospective buyers.

It is no mean feat to successfully penetrate into a saturated market.  Read this blog post to find out how direct mail marketing can help in seeing through this challenging task.