Businesses that derive most of the sales through the people living in the vicinity require a residential mailing list to implement direct mail marketing campaigns. It is simply not sufficient to rely upon the signboards to attract new clients and convince the previous ones to continue procuring your services or products. This is even more of a concern if your business is not located in a busty neighborhood or a shopping plaza. This is when residential mailing list plays its part. The direct mail campaigns with a targeted and segmented mailing list will let the people in the community become aware of your existence and if you offer appropriate deals, they will be compelled to complete their purchases through you.


Businesses that often are in need of a residential mailing list are generally the ones who offer services rather than products. Since they want the people in a particular area to respond, it means that they sell services like house painting, renovation, roof repairs, pest control and remodeling services to the people living in a district. So, if you operate a business that delivers such services to the customers, you will be able to attract the targeted customers with a residential mailing list.


It may seem like a daunting task to shortlist targeted clients from a vast demographics but it will become easier once you have devised a strategic marketing plan. So, what should be included in the direct mail message to convince the prospective customers reading the mail from the residential mailing list to approach your business? Well, firstly, you must address the customer with their names to personalize the mail. Secondly, you must be able to convince the clients on the mailing list why they should keep faith in your business. For this, you will have to let them know about the services that you have provided for other people in the neighborhood and the current deals that you are offering. You must target adults or the head of the family when dealing with residential mailing list customers in order to garner a higher response rate. This is because generally the businesses who rely upon residential clients are service providers and the head of the household is the likely person who deals with such matters.


Even within the residential lists, you should go for highly targeted and specific areas to seize the attention of the customers. For instance, you should go for a segmented mailing list that classifies the potential customers according to predefined criteria. The mailing lists should create divisions based on the leads who may require interior services and those who are looking for exterior home services. Pest control, home cleaning, maintenance, remodeling, and HVAC are some of the interior areas which require the services of a local contractor. Homeowners who are looking for innovative window tinting or siding, pruning or landscaping, and roofing are some of the exterior areas where a residential mailing list is required.