As the beginning of the new Millennium changed the landscape of digital domain, its innovational ripples affected many non-digital sectors as well, and in a good way. The case and point is direct mail marketing, which has significantly transformed over recent years, particularly with the advancement of a wide range of targeted mailing lists.

Ailment mailing lists are also one such targeted list, which contain entries of individuals suffering from different diseases, health conditions or administering prescription medications.

These lists are compiled through self-reported data on offline and online mediums. No confidential data is used in the compilation of these targeted mailing lists, so they can be put to use without apprehensions of any legal repercussions.


Ailments mailing lists, compiled by experienced mailing list brokers, enlist addresses of individuals suffering from different health conditions. Therefore, these lists can be used for the promotion of different healthcare establishments by carrying out targeted direct mail marketing.

Let’s have a look at how different healthcare businesses can execute their marketing through ailment mailing lists.


If you ever notice, people suffering from mental illnesses usually ignore the clinical consultation to address their psychological issues. Now, a psychiatrist can do a favor to these patients by reaching out to them through direct mails sent on specific ailment mailing lists.

There are ailment mailing lists available which provide self-reported data of people suffering from clinical depression. Identify with them and ensure them that you are going to help in every way possible to alleviate their mental condition.


Staying fit has become a common goal in modern lifestyles. Therefore, importance of fitness centers have increased manifold in the recent past. When devising a promotional campaign, owners of fitness centers target a group of people who might need to hit the gym or fitness center for a reason.

For instance, obesity, high cholesterol, hypertension and hypothyroidism are the health conditions where a patient might need to increase his/her physical activity. Ailment mailing lists can provide the mailing details of individuals suffering from these issues and can be your prospective customers.


Ailment mailing lists also provide information of individual pertaining to senior care centers. You can get ailment mailing lists enlisting addresses where patients of Alzheimer and Parkinson’s disease live. It’s a well known fact that these diseases are particularly associated with individuals 60 and above.


Pharmacies and drug stores can also use ailments mailing lists to reach out to all the patients with medical conditions where treatment of prescription medicines is needed.

This allows you to see how versatile directed mail marketing has become with the introduction of all these innovative targeted mailing lists. You can get ailment mailing lists from a reputable mailing list company for specific health conditions pertinent to your healthcare establishment. Further read about how you can find return on investment of your direct mail marketing campaign.