In the past, business owners regarded direct mail as an ineffective method of marketing. Their beliefs were only reinforced thanks to millions of cluttered and misleading pieces anonymously mailed to prospects indiscriminately. However, with the passage of time, the methods has been refined and innovated in a manner that it became an effective and essential part of business marketing.

The rate of success of this method is, in reality, based on the content as well as the targeting strategies used for delivering the business mailings.

Here are 5 unique ideas to create exciting and attention catching business mailings:


This may sound like the exact opposite of what you had been taught about marketing but using all caps and adding cheesy taglines may not be the most effective method when it comes to grabbing the attention of a prospective client. Instead of opting for the tried and tested yet highly predictable strategies, go with options that are more creative. Once you will be successful in grabbing the attention of your prospective client, the rest of the process will be extremely easy.


Having information about your prospective clients is something you must use to your advantage. You can use the relevant information in constructing your mail. Engaging the customers where they are willing not only builds trust but will also impress them. This will increase their chances of opting for the product offered by you.


Another important factor responsible for determining the success of your business mails to your prospective clients is the medium on which the message is being delivered. In most cases, postcards work just fine as they cut the barrier of an envelope. However, this may not be appropriate in every case and for some direct mails, it is better if the message is constructed in the form of a letter. Similarly, depending on your business, you can create brochures and newsletters for sending across your business message.


While it is common knowledge that a colorful message will be a better option instead of a black and white letter, using a lot of colors can give off a bad impression as well. Moreover, the more shades that are used; the higher will be the printing cost. Therefore, you must figure out what will work best for your particular needs.


Adding in the name of your prospective client is an effective method of catching their attention. This works well because it develops a sense of personalization and builds a bond of trust. Moreover, the personalization of a business mail is also an effective business strategy as people are more likely to open a letter addressed directly to them instead of the one that starts with “Dear Customer.”

Now that you have figured out how to make the content of your business mails more enticing, all you need to work on is getting your hands on an ideal mailing consumer list.