At the end of the day, the success of any marketing and promotional outing is boiled down to the ROI it is able to generate. Whether a direct mail marketing campaign is a hit or miss, it is also determined through the same yardstick.

There are many ways for racking up your direct mail ROIs. We have also discussed many of them in this section. However, we are going to discuss here three distinctive tactics that you can integrate into your direct mail campaign to experience a positive impact on its ROI.

1) Personify Your Brand and Business

Due to the ongoing digital invasion, many people presume that direct mail can’t be used to put a face on your business and brand anymore. This is not true at all. In fact, direct mail is the most cost-effective way to personify whatever you are trying to promote through your direct mail.

Let’s try to understand how it can be done with a couple of examples.

If you are promoting a clinic in a certain zip code through some ailment mailing lists selections, then put the face of the physicians on the direct mail, who are going to attend the patients in the establishment. The visual introduction of the physician will help in establishing an instant connection with prospective clients. This facial familiarity will improve the influence of the CTA of your direct mail. And as a result, you will experience an improved ROI overall.

In short, putting the face of the chief proprietor of the business and its logo on the direct mail can help in eliciting the desired response from the target market.

2) Add More Details to Your Mail

If you really want the recipients to proactively reach out to you, then try to pass on every important detail of your proposition in the mail. Keep in mind that a potential customer will only contact you if they have already got enough information regarding your venture from the direct mail.

For instance, if you offer swimming pool construction and maintenance services, then add real pictures of some of your finished projects in the mail. Also, add negotiable and non-negotiable quotes of the services that you offer. By conveying all the necessary information about your venture, you can expect a better response to the campaign.

3) Reach Out to Your Target Market Only

Don’t expect better ROIs from mass mailing campaigns. Today, when people are already flooded with unsolicited promotional offers from all sides, sending mail to everyone without factoring in whether they need your services or products is just a waste of time and money.

Instead, go for the segmented market through targeted mailing lists. There is a range of mailing lists that you can use individually and through cross-referencing to establish a target market for your business niche.

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