Digital marketing may be getting all the attention all the rage but direct mail marketing with post cards is still in the big picture. People subscribe to newsletters, magazines, and direct mail pieces of all sorts. Direct mail marketing has got a phenomenal response rate and some would even suggest that it is far greater than email marketing. With the festive season around, you must be wondering if maximizing the response rates is possible with post cards. To put your mind at rest, the answer is a definite yes. Attention grabbing post cards are the most economical methods of direct mail marketing. But, how can you boost your business by sending post cards to your targeted postal mailing list? Let’s find out how to make the most of your direct marketing list and strategies.


Are you offering discounted rates on your products/services or organizing a grand sale? Well, it would be a great idea to make your post card multipurpose by asking people to bring it at the venue and redeem it. If your postal mailing list is above par, then your targeted audience will be excited to reach your outlet. You can also include a brief survey to collect the demographical information essential for your business. This will allow you to get a preview into the lifestyles of your prospective customers.


Remember, the post card technique is to boost your sales and grab the attention. So, you wouldn’t want people to toss it into the bins because it looks dingy. The post card’s paper is extremely important when it come to direct mail marketing. Print the post card on a thick paper. Thin paper will look worn-out and it would reflect a bad image. Chances are that the potential customers will think that the post card is direly proportional to your services. Therefore, build the trust of your clients by using a glossy photo paper. You can also go for matte finished paper. These look credible and have a professional appearance.


An important technique to boost the sales with post card based direct mail marketing is to use differentiate your product from the completion. Mention what is so remarkable about your service or product. Use metrics like percentages or statistical data to enforce validity. The overall graphics of the card will play an integral role in highlighting the difference.


The response rate of the potential customers can be increased if you share contact details of your business. Mention your landline number, email address, physical location’s address and the website. You can even insert a barcode, which when scanned from the smartphones will automatically take the clients to your website.


To capitalize on the direct marketing list, you must come up with noticeable and enticing graphics. A compelling one-liner or a question with an interesting photograph on the front side should do the trick. Don’t go for pun-intended one-liners unless you are sure that your audience will get the joke. An intriguing front part will arouse the curiosity of the customer and they will flip over to get the complete message.