The success of a new business is not just dependent on the quality of products and services it offers. Promoting and marketing it effectively is equally important for the sustenance of a newly found venture. Today, when we are provided with multiple options and channels to market ourselves, it becomes quite difficult for people, particularly the beginners, to successfully execute a marketing campaign for a new business.

A suitable approach to promote your new business is to use multipronged marketing strategy. Combining conventional approaches (such as direct mail marketing) with new methods can also help. You can find more about this marketing integration here.

Usually, entrepreneurs don’t have enough resources at the beginning to be able to allocate a large chunk of money to extensive marketing campaigns. For that purpose, we are making here a case of direct mail marketing to start off your business effectively, both in terms of cost and results.


With running all the errands for setting up a business in a cost-effective manner, one can successfully launch it. For that matter, direct mail marketing should be picked as your preferred advertising tool.

Instead of paying hundreds and thousands of dollars to a local radio or newspaper to place your ad, you can carry out a successful direct mail marketing campaign at a fractions of that money. Moreover, the postage cost reduces when you are doing a bulk mail.


Perhaps, your small-scale business is not going to serve the entire demographic. Therefore, it is important for you to be aware of the niche(s) you are going to serve with your venture. Knowing your niche and consequently targeting the consumers there is very helpful in tasting an initial success.

Direct mails are also very functional in this regard. With the introduction of targeted mailing lists, now it is possible to aim at a range of different consumer niches that might be interested in doing business with you. A professional and experienced mailing list broker can educate you more with the details of different types of targeted mailing lists.


New businesses are eager to proof their creed through a tangible item in their initial promotions. Direct mail can facilitate this aspect as well. One can add a sample of their product or a general goody item along with direct mails. Stuffed direct mails will definitely leave a strong first impression on your prospective customers. You can’t have that liberty with email and SMS marketing.


Measuring the success of any marketing campaign is important for setting a future course of action. In mass email spamming and or even with print ads, it is difficult to quantify the results. With its compact and effective span, you can easily find the return on investment of your direct mail marketing campaign.

Call a professional mailing list broker now to devise your direct mail marketing campaign for starting off a new venture. Also, read on how to plan an annoyance-free direct mail marketing campaign.