Whether it’s a startup or an established conglomerate, marketing is an ongoing concern of every commercial entity. For that matter, every proprietor constantly strives to devise a marketing strategy that can promise the optimal ROIs.

From taking unique approaches to blending dissimilar promotional tools, businesses use every bit of innovation to come up with marketing solutions that generate high yields. If we particularly talk about merging different promotional means, then the arrangement of direct mail and email together has become a winning combination in the last couple of years.

Direct mail is a time-tested promotional tool with a successful history of more than 100 years. On the other hand, email is a contemporary mean of communication with a lot of promotional potential. It has been observed that a combination of both provides several advantages from a marketing standpoint.

Covers Wider Consumer Base

Even though digitization has engulfed modern lifestyle, there are still many people who prefer old ways. By combining direct mail with email for marketing, any business can cover a wider consumer base. From Baby Boomers to Generation Z, every demographic segment can be covered through the promotion centered on email and direct mail.

Iteration of Marketing Message or Offer

We, humans, memorize many things through repetition. This is the reason why we effortlessly and inadvertently memorize many jingles. Promotional repetition increases an offering’s recall value and customers are more likely to prefer that name over less-heard or unheard names.

The same tactic can be employed with a combination of email and direct mail. The targeted consumers will be able to see your marketing message more than once at different instances and on a variety of mediums.  Make sure that the targeted mailing lists and email lists are directed towards the same consumer base.

To Shrug off the Impression of Spamming

Marketing through email is often not well-received by targeted consumers. They consider it spam and thus, don’t pay any heed to it.  To assure consumers that you are reaching out to them with offers with real value, direct mail can be used in conjunction. By receiving the marketing message through multiple mediums, many customers might change their view of the business in question.

Improving Online Presence

Direct mail can also help businesses to boost their online presence that is not possible with just email promotion. By putting QR codes and shortened URLs of the website and social media accounts in direct mails, businesses can garner more online traffic.

Making an Impression of Success

By keeping email and direct mail side-by-side, businesses can create an impression that they are successful in both physical and digital mediums. This works in favor of the business when a prospective customer has to make any purchasing decision.

To successfully pull off this marketing combination, it is advised to use clean and update targeted mailing lists that have been compiled by any experienced mailing list broker. Direct mail marketing can be used for both B2B and B2C promotions. Read this blog to find out how one can devise relevant strategies.