The Neo-Leads Group, owner of Marketing Lists Direct, a superior direct mailing list provider, is promoting their “Pool Owner Database” for supply and service offers with the summer season on its way. Marketing Lists Direct offers a nationwide pool owner mailing list, which can be even more targeted by selecting other household demographics such as:  single family homes, specific home values, year built and more. With Memorial Day Weekend typically being the start of the pool season, now is the time to start planning your marketing piece and getting your pool owner mailing list created.  Build your pool business with our Pool Database.

Kirk Harbison, Vice President of Neo-Leads Group and Marketing Lists Direct, says, “Direct mail marketing response rates have held steady for over the past 5 years. When combined with an online presence such as a website or Facebook business page, postal mail marketing can be even more effective in creating new business that will help grow your swimming pool business.”

The Neo Pool Owner Mailing list has over 10 Million pool owners available nationally and available for an array of marketing offers. This database has been proven to work effectively for pool chemical and supply retailers, pool cleaning services, pool resurfacing companies, and various other pool services. Unlike electronic forms of marketing, direct mail marketing with the Neo Pool Owner List will allow put a tangible marketing piece directly into the hands of potential customers. Whether promoting a new pool product, offering a discounted on pool services, or introducing a new pool retailer to the area, nothing can compared to the effectiveness of direct mail to current pool owners. The pool database, along with all mailing databases from, are updated monthly and guaranteed deliverable.

Direct mail marketing is also a proactive approach to getting your message into the hands of the right customers, whereas advertising on the internet and directories is a reactionary way of marketing. If your service or product is not need right at that time, there is a great change the mail piece may be placed in the home to be referenced, act as a reminder, or to be kept for future use. Being proactive will always push you ahead of your competition. Start your proactive marketing campaign now with the Neo Pool Owner mailing list.